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Welcome to IMHeadquartersng.com. We pride ourselves as the best legitimate online money making platform in Nigeria.

Honestly speaking, IMHeadquartersng.com is a platform that teaches and empower people with needed tools and necessary requirements to make money online legitimately.

As you will soon find out, this website is loaded and super-packed with plenty of products and digital content in the subject of how to make money online in Nigeria.

You will not only have access to all the Make Money Online materials and tutorials you will ever need to make money online from the comfort of your home in Nigeria.

We will equally assist you to build a long-term sustainable income too from your daily grind and hustle on the internet.

No money to get started? No problem!

We will show you how to make money online from next to nothing to becoming a six-figure income earner on the internet. Without mincing words, you will discover how to make money online in Nigeria without spending a dime, making any investment or paying anything to start.

So, if your reason for being here is to make money online honestly, legally and legitimately, congratulations!

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About IMHeadquartersng.com

internet marketing in nigeriaInternet Marketing Headquarters Nigeria is the brain child of Kome Itoje, a pragmatic, honest and hardworking Nigerian who at present is living and working in Nigeria.

Kome Itoje is principally an accountant by training and graduated from Imo State University in Nigeria. He also has a postgraduate degree in Computer Science.

He worked briefly with a commercial bank in Nigeria from 1994 to 2000, a period of six years. He became dissatisfied with the uncertain working environment and left to seek greener pastures
elsewhere in the later part of the year 2000.

You will recall that the year 2000 was a remarkable year. Apart from being the millennial year, it also witnessed widespread panic by people with respect to the fear of computer crashes everywhere in the world. The fear arose as a result of the 2-digit dating programmed into computers before that year.

Anyway, the MD/CEO decided to go solo and worked briefly for himself until he got into the employment of the civil service in 2002 as an accountant. Notwithstanding this development, he continued to have a passion for self-employment.

His romance with computers and the internet continued unabated until the year 2003 when he established Kome Computers (Info-Tech Resources and Manpower Development Centre) in a suburban town
in Delta State, Nigeria.

A few years later, he went on to register his first website – true-love-and-marriage-relationship-advice.com – in 2010. Since that time, he has established several other websites as follows: komeitoje.com, thenigeriahost.net, globaldomains.host, komebiz.com, importersbible.com, fiverrblueprint.net and this website, imheadquartersng.com.

In 2013, the MD/CEO reached a decision to give legitimacy and legality to his various online businesses and registered Komebiz International with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Delta State, Nigeria.

The bulk of his online income has been through information marketing and the online mini importation business.

Now, Why IMHeadquartersng.com?

IMHeadquartersng.com arose out of the MD/CEO’s passion to help internet marketing enthusiasts as well as unsuccessful online business owners in Nigeria to succeed with internet marketing.

Hence, internet marketing headquarters Nigeria was established to achieve the following objectives:

  • internet marketing in nigeriaTo serve as an online institution of internet marketing tools and resources, text, images, video, audio and pdf files.
  • To provide detailed articles on several topics ranging from  Adsense to Affiliate Marketing, Bitcoin, Blogging, Content Marketing, CPA / CPM / CPC, Digital Advertising, Ecommerce, Email Marketing, Forex And Binary Trades, Freelancing, Graphics, Hacking, Internet Services, Learn to Code, Make a Website, Make Money Blogging, Mobile Marketing, Multilevel Marketing, Pay-Per-Click, Ponzi Scheme, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Web traffic and so on.
  • To remove the learning curve for beginners in internet marketing.
  • To eliminate all the guesswork, stress and hard work associated with internet marketing
  • To assist internet marketing newbies and unsuccessful online business owners succeed with internet marketing and ultimately make money online.
  • To create a forum whereby successful internet marketers through this website can come together and exchange ideas and compare notes regarding their successes.
  • To bring to you the necessary awareness and tools of internet hustle and make money online endeavors, as long as you are willing to have them.

Now, why should you take us serious when it comes to internet marketing and online business in Nigeria?

The reason is simple and they are as follows:

  • We have been in the business for over a decade now and still waxing strong with each passing second.
  • Unlike many so-called internet marketing gooroos in the field, we practice what we preach.
  • We do not just talk tough. We back our words with action too.
  • We strive to provide you with more than enough resources that will help you make legit money online, be it part-time or full-time.
  • We help you create and run successful internet businesses and at the same time scrape huge income off digital surfaces by just sitting in your lonely enclosure – wherever that may be in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world.

In other words, Internet Marketing Headquarters is primarily for beginners in internet marketing in Nigeria.

The focus is mainly on internet marketers within Nigeria, but those outside the country can also benefit from the wealth of knowledge that is available on the site.

Do YOU Want To Succeed With Internet Marketing?

Are you a beginner in internet marketing like I once was back in the year 2000 – about two decades ago?

Or, have you been acquainted with internet marketing for several years now without experiencing any remarkable results for all your hard work?

Internet marketing newbie or not, do you want to succeed with internet marketing?

Do you want to discover how to make a long term sustainable income on the internet?

If your answer is “YES!” to the questions above, then you should make Internet Marketing Headquarters Nigeria your second home.

Frankly speaking, we can help you become a hugely successful internet marketer using the very same strategies which has helped many of our proteges and the CEO himself to establish his multi-million naira business empire on the internet.

Without mincing words, we can help you achieve a similar result as we have experienced over the last decade.


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