Faturoti Kayode, Scammer & Online Thief, Owner of The Content Piracy Website – Hustle.ng!

faturoti kayode
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If you type “how to make money online in Nigeria” into Google and click on search,
among the list of websites that will be displayed on the search results page is Hustle.ng.

But, be careful! All that glitters is NOT gold!

So, even if Hustle.ng is listed among the websites on the first page of the Google Search Results Page, it does not make it a legitimate source of information on the subject of how to make money online in Nigeria.

Neither does it make any of the other websites appearing on the first page of Google the go-to source of genuine and reliable information on how to earn extra income on the internet in Nigeria.

The truth is this: any website which appears on the first page of Google when you do a search on the world’s search engine giant in itself does not make such a website an authority on the subject.

Why is it so?

This is because 99% of all online businesses in Nigeria displayed on the internet and even Google are fraudulent or outright scam. Hence, you can lose a lot of money online. This is due to the activities of internet scammers.


Don’t be!

So, do not just take Google’s word for it. You also need to do your own due dilligence on the matter.

Frankly speaking, there are so many make money in Nigeria scammers out there. These online touts parade themselves as internet marketing gurus or experts that the uninformed can hardly recognize them. But, for those who know, they are not carried away by the sweet-talking and sugar-coated “tongues” of these internet marketing scammers.

As a matter of fact, many unsuspecting internet marketing newbies have fallen into the hands of internet marketing scammers in their earnest desire to make money online in Nigeria.

Bottom line?

Do not just trust Google and rely on everything that it thrusts on you.

how to make money online in nigeriaHowever, you cannot blame anyone who falls into the “hands” of these online criminals.

The economy has taken a downturn in Nigeria and internet marketers are fully aware of this fact. They also know that many persons are anxious and eager to find a means of livelihood or earning extra income on the internet. So, they capitalize on this legitimate desire to prey on their victims.

For the avoidance of any doubt, internet scam are essentially of two different kinds, as follows:

1) You pay an internet scammer for a digital content of interest, the scammer, popularly referred to as “g boys” (also known as “Yahoo! Plus Guys”) in local parlance, fails to live up to his side of the bargain. He fails to deliver the product which you have paid for.

2) You pay an internet scammer for a digital content, but what is delivered to you is utter trash and not commensurate with the money you paid for it.

Either way, you would have succeeded in losing your hard-earned money to the scammers and internet touts.

On the other hand, there is another kind of internet scammers and touts. These are those that are regarded as content thieves. What they do is scout for the content of legitimate internet marketing writers and publishers, acquire them legally or illegally and promptly begin selling them on their website.

It may also surprise you to know that digital marketing products are by far the easiest to pirate by scammers. This is because the content is already prepared in pdf digital format. So, they do not need to spend any money or further effort on it. All they need to do is “lay hands” on the product and start to sell at once.

Consequently, the scammers rip off genuine, honest and hardworking internet marketers and content/digital publishers. They pirate their work and reap where they did not sow.

One of such dishonest persons is Kayode Faturoti. Right now he is busy acquiring the copyrighted content of internet marketers and pirating them on his website.

Consequently, our search light today is on Hustle.ng, owned by a young man going by the name Kayode Faturoti.

The big question now is this: Is Hustle.ng a scam piracy site or is it a genuine and legitimate content digital marketing website with the right information on how to make money online in Nigeria?

You will soon find out.

Faturoti Kayode, Scammer & Online Thief, Owner of Hustle.ng, The Content Piracy Website

Today, Internet Marketing Headquarters Nigeria turn the full searchlight on this young man by name Kayode Faturoti, popularly known as Fattkay and his website, Hustle.ng.

easy ways to make money onlineBy the way, who is Kayode Faturoti and where is he from?

What does Kayode Faturoti do for a living?

Here is how Kayode Faturoti describes himself on his LinkedIn profile:

“I’m a Computer Science And Engineering student – I’m that aspiring computer geek and that crazy programmer and web developer, I once hacked out my brain and then re-instated it – I’m only making mouth ? . Summarily, I pay
most attention to God, My PC, Education, and What I Wear, in respective priority.”

And below is his description of himself on his Facebook page.

“I’m that aspiring computer geek and that crazy programmer and web developer, I once hacked out my brain and then re-instated it || I’m that lover of games,I once played games for 3 consecutive weeks without eating || I’m that w of movies,I once broke the TV just because the only available channel was showing a nollywood $hit ||I so much believe in prayers,I once prayed and my timeline got updated by God||In other news,I pay most attention to God,Education,Money and What I Wear|| Cheers!”

According to the interview granted him by blogprocess.com on August 9, 2017 titled “Interview with Faturoti Kayode – FATTKAY, an Internet Marketing Expert from Nigeria”, Kayode Faturoti describes himself as follows: “My name is Faturoti Kayode, well known as Fattkay. A RENOWNED CONTENT WRITER AND CONTENT MARKETER, SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIST AND AN ALL-IN-ALL INTERNET MARKETER.”

However, investigations has revealed that Kayode Faturoti may be a “content marketer”, yes, but he is not a “content writer”. The findings have shown that the above description is a far cry from the actual online activities that is being perpetrated by the man Kayode Faturoti.

So, who is Kayode Faturoti and what does he do for a living?

Kayode Faturoti is from Osun state in the Southwest region of Nigeria. The background check conducted on him reveal more info about him below.

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Background Info on Kayode Faturoti

Well, simply put, the young man Kayode Faturoti is what can be described as not only a scammer, but also a content thief and internet tout.

But, let us do a background info on the man Kayode Faturoti first before going into his various nefarious online activities.

From the information gleaned from his Facebook page, Kayode Faturoti is a Nigerian from Ile-Ife. He attended Unique Minds International College for his secondary education. He graduated in 2011 and is presently studying for his B.Sc. at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

You can see that Kayode Faturoti is really a young man who has just hit his major years and he is in a hurry to make it very big very quickly in internet marketing, but he is going about it the wrong way.

We have reasons to believe that he was born on September 29, 1996 and his favourite quote is: “When money speaks,u dare not check d grammar.”

What does Kayode Faturoto do for a living?

earn extra income onlineLet’s go back to his interview with Blogprocess.

Here is how he answered that question “What do you do for a living?” below.

“Well, I’m an internet marketer, but to break it down, that includes freelancing and information marketing.

“I focus mainly on freelancing, content writing and information marketing. I also do some social media marketing.

“Currently, I have two info product out there, and I’m currently working on another two…”

Contrary to his claim that he has “two info product out there”, Kayode Faturoti showcases hundreds (100s) of digital content on his website, Hustle.ng.

Where are they from, if they are not his? The stolen content of other people, of course!

Kayode Faturoti is the owner of Fattkay Media Services. He is also the owner of Eduregard.com.ng and Hustle.ng.

According to Kayode Faturoti, “While the former aims to train undergraduates (majorly) on how to get through school and become accomplished academically, the latter is my attempt to do what I can to help going Nigerians achieve financial freedom through the power of the internet. And I think I’m already making a good impact with these two websites, even though there is a lot more to be done.”

What about “Fattkay Media Services”? What is it all about?

Faturoti continues: “Fattkay Media Services is one of my registered businesses. An outfit that I founded to solve people’s problems when it comes to building their brands online. That’s why we handle more of website designing & development and digital marketing. Our aim is to help you become an established brand on the cyber landscape.”

Kayode Faturoti also has another website named fattkay.me.

Kayode Faturoti’s Modus Operandi

Now, here are the facts as Internet Marketing Headquarters Nigeria discovered them.

Kayode Faturoti is an online tout as he described himself on one of his pictures which he posted on his Facebook timeline. In other words, he is a content thief and an internet pirate.

Here is how Kayode Faturoti operates…

He goes about the internet scouting for content that is worthy of his piracy business. When he finds one, he hacks it from the owner. But, if he finds it too difficult to hack, he buys it from him.

Thereafter, he simply heads off to his content piracy website and promptly begin selling the digital content on the site without seeking authorisation or permission or even buying the right to sell the book from the owner.

make money online in nigeriaThat is precisely what he did to two books on the online mini importation business and Fiverr freelance marketing by Kome Itoje. The books are titled: “The Importers Bible” and “The Ultimate Fiverr Blueprint”.

But, Kayode Faturoti is fully aware of the implications of his actions. So, he is careful not to store the books on his website in order not to be caught and accused of copyright violation.

So, he looked for a free file hosting website on the internet and found Google Drive to be just perfect for his nefarious activities. So, he promptly uploaded the files to Google Drive.

Another thing which we found out about Kayode Faturoti’s content piracy illegal business is that he acts with subtlety with regard to displaying the books for sale on his site.

The strategy was to create a content marketing website where any digital marketer can showcase and sell his work on the site. In a nutshell, he wanted to create the impression of a website with numerous buyers and plenty of sellers.

That is what he did with Hustle.ng.

Faturoti created Hustle.ng as an ecommerce content marketing website where any internet marketer who is interested in selling his digital product can showcase his product. In his mind, he felt he had created the Nigerian version of Amazon.

But, in reality, he created a content piracy website where he can engage in illegally selling the intellectual property of thousands of content marketers – without their knowledge, permission or authorization, of course.

One of the strategies he employed to actualize his dastardly acts is to create several pseudo accounts on his site supposedly done by different persons to market the stolen products. Two of them are moses96 and mmomanner. We are convinced that there are several other pseudo accounts (including Hustle.ng account) like these ones on the site.

Hence, he hides under these pseudo accounts so that if there is any complaint of copyright violation by any content writer and publisher, he can say “Oh, sorry. It was published by a user. That’s why the report link is there. I will sort it out before tomorrow.” and point the person to a disclaimer clause on his website which says:

“All sellers on Hustle.ng are solely responsible for whatsoever product published. Feel free to contact us to report a seller if what is not meant to be done is being exhibited”.

There is even a “report a seller” and a “contact us” pages on the site. By so doing, Kayode Faturoti presents Hustle.ng as a legit website which showcases make money online in Nigeria tools, resources and products.

As for the stolen files which he has uploaded to Google Drive, Kayode Faturoti will respond as follows: “However, I have no access to the drive so it’s beyond my reach” – which of course is a complete lie.

This is what Kayode Faturoti refers to as “minimum effort”.

That is precisely what happened when Mr Kome Itoje confronted Kayode Faturoti and complained about his
stolen books (“The Importers Bible” and “The Ultimate Fiverr Blueprint”). The exchange on Whatsapp was interesting
to say the least. Check out the image below for this.


Hustle.ng Website Review

Hustle.ng is one of the websites owned by Kayode Faturoti. It was registered on November 25, 2016 and it is hosted by WhoGoHost.

There is no doubt that the site is a popular one on the web. According to Alexa.com’s traffic ranking report for 29th December 2017, Hustle.ng is visited by a lot of persons in Nigeria and India. The percentage of visits is 76.2% and 7.5% respectively.

The global Alexa rank of Hustle.ng is 427,446, while in Nigeria it is 4,385. The bounce rate is high though at 65.10%.

The keywords with which people are finding the site are as follows:

1. how to use payoneer mastercard in nigeria 5.70%

2. how to rank fiverr gig 2017 2.89%

3. fiverr tips and tricks 2.14%

4. virtual credit card 2.05%

5. payoneer mastercard in nigeria 1.73%

Additionally, Hustle.ng gets a lot of free traffic from Google as seen from the statistic below.

1. google.com.ng 16.3%

2. google.com 15.1%

3. fiverr.com 4.9%

4. nairaland.com 4.9%

5. google.co.in 3.1%

The above statistics is an indication that so many persons are finding Hustle.ng through the search engine – Google. The site gets over 30% of its overall traffic through the search engine giant.

Despite this impressive traffic stats, Hustle.ng does not have authority on the web as only 18 sites are linking in to the site. This may not be unconnected to the fact that it is a very young site and just over one year old on the net.

Hustle.ng, a Content Piracy Website

There is no doubt whatsoever that Hustle.ng is a content piracy website. According to the info on the site, it says that “the platform contains an aggregation of make money online tools and knowledgebase that will invariably boost your online hustle in a way that would outrank your competitors”.

What this actually means is that Hustle.ng contains stolen and pirated digital content and materials which are meant to defraud their rightful owners of the income due to them from the materials because of their outrageously cheap prices on Hustle.ng.

Check out the following digital materials and content that are being sold by Kayode Faturoti on Hustle.ng for you to understand what we mean.

    • PLR Ebooks On Health And Fitness
      (100 Ebooks)




    • Buy And Sell Gift Cards In Nigeria – The New Millionaire’s Secret





      5,000.00 1,000.00


    • cocoa export business
      [PDF] How To Make Money Exporting Cocoa In Nigeria


    • [Email Database] 3Million USA Business Database


    • Ultimate Importation Guide For Beginners [PDF]


    • 100,000 Collection Of Pre-Written Twitter TWEETS


    • [Ebook] How To Open A US Paypal Account In Nigeria


    • How To Make $250 Online Every Day


  • PLR Ebooks On Dating And Relationships (100 Ebooks)
    ₦</span >1,000.00

Stolen Digital Content by Hustle.ng

Similarly, we have reasons to believe that the digital content above are not the only materials that Kayode Faturoti is pirating. We believe that he is also plagiarizing copyrighted articles on his blog too.

Check out some of the articles listed below which we found on his site which he titled as “Latest from Our Blog”.

    • Sure Fire Ways To Avoid Losses in Forex Trading


    • How To Make Money On Steemit


    • 10-Step Ultimate Guide To Cryptocurrency Tradings


    • The Anatomy Of Internet Marketing For Businesses

easy ways to make money online

    • How Information Marketers Are Scamming Greedy People


    • How to Start DropShipping Business In Nigeria


    • Is Bitcoin Trading Legal in Nigeria?


    • How Scam Helped the Growth of Bitcoin


    • How To Make Money Online With Photography


    • Why Instagram Is An Important Factor For Fashion Businesses


    • How To Make Money Online With YouTube


    • Why Paypal Sucks For Nigerians And What You Can Do About It


    • Time To Turn Your Social Media Addiction Into money


    • Latest SEO Trick For FIVERR Gig Titles To Throw You To The Top Of The Search Page


  • Social Media Marketing On Fiverr – The Ultimate Plug (FATTKAY)

If you are a website or blog publisher who has ever written an article on any of the above subjects, chances are that your content has been stolen!

Similarly, if you are a writer and content publisher who has ever written on any of the subjects above, chances are that Kayode Faturoti is selling your book too. If he can sell the books of Mr Kome Itoje brazenly and without any shame, it means he is selling other people’s books too.

What can you do about this?

Get in touch with him and ask him if he is the rightful owner of the books he is selling. You will be amazed at the response you will receive from him!

The Thief Who is Scared of Being Robbed!

It is a common saying that if a thief is robbed by another thief, there is no case. It is simply a matter of “Thief Thief Thief”.

That is the case with Kayode Faturoti. So, if any other online thief steals from Kayode Faturoti’s Hustle.ng website and begin selling the content on their website, it is simply a case of “Thief Thief Thief”.

For this singular reason, Kayode Faturoti has purchased and is using a security certificate for his website, Hustle.ng. This is clear indication that he is afraid of his site being hacked by hackers.

But, what is even more laughable is the fact that he has secured the stolen content on his site with a COPY PROTECT plugin. So, when anyone is attempting to copy from the site, a message would immediately display that the content has been protected from copying.

Imagine that!

The thief is afraid of being robbed by other content thieves or the materials being referenced by legitimate content publishers and internet users.

Quite laughable indeed!

Why Does He Do It?

Kayode Faturoti is obviously an intelligent person, but he is obviously not a clever thief at that.

But, why does he do it? Why does Kayode Faturoti prefer stealing people’s content and selling them without their permission rather than contact them and acquire the legal right to sell them?

make money onlineThe reason is simple. It is the same reason why armed robbers resort to stealing from others than engage in legitimate work. Creating his own digital content materials will take time and effort to be able to carry out.

So, Kayode Faturoti is not only lazy. He is also impatient. He lacks the patience to wait for some time to be able to produce his own digital materials before he can start to sell them.

However, Kayode Faturoti can avoid the complaint of copyright violation and risk of litigation by simply getting permission to sell the products from their rightful owners.

But that would take time which Kayode does not have. And the owners too may not agree to grant him that permission. Or, he may have to pay more money to buy the right to sell the products.

In the case of Kome Itoje’s “The Ultimate Fiverr Blueprint” and “The Importers Bible”, he bought both books for N5,500. But, paying for the right to sell the books will cost him N15,000 each and that’s an extra N25,000 for the right to sell both books – which he felt was too much for him to pay.

But, is that too much money for someone to pay for the right to sell a digital product for as long as he wants for life? Most certainly not!

By the way, we are convinced that Kayode Faturoti has made more than 50 times that amount of money since March 2017 when he started selling the two books illegally on his website.

The sale of just 8 copies each of the two books is all that is needed for the Resale Rights buyer to recover the amount of money with which he used to acquire the PLR products. Everything else after that is profit, profit and still more profit. And he can sell the books endlessly for life without sharing a single kobo with Mr Kome Itoje.

But not Kayode Faturoti. He is not willing to acquire the right to sell the books legally and respectably. That is money too much for Kayode Faturoti to pay. What a truly greedy man he must be!

Get the Resale Rights to “The Importers Bible” and “The Ultimate Fiverr Blueprint”

Do not be like greedy content thieves such as Kayode Faturoti who shamelessly steals the contents and digital materials of genuine and legitimate hardworking internet marketing writers and publishers and simply begin selling them on their websites without permission.

Do the most honourable thing. Legally acquire the right to sell the books from the rightful owners. It may cost you more in terms of the money you will pay to acquire the resale rights.

But, it is the most respectable and honorable thing to do. And you will not be scared of complaint of content piracy and copyright violation. You will also not risk litigation by the rightful owners of the pirated content.

Like we mentioned earlier, you can acquire the resale rights of “The Importers Bible” and “The Ultimate Fiverr Blueprint” by Kome Itoje and sell it endlessly as your own FOR LIFE.

By taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity, you also stand a chance of getting super exclusive mouth-watering bonuses worth over half a million naira (N500,000) instantly.

So, if you would love to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime life-changing business opportunity, please click HERE.



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