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Profitable Importation Business In Nigeria

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Get The Importers Bible Now And Discover Cheap Importation Secrets Importing Brand New Original iPads, Laptops, Androids, Jewelries, Shoes, Clothes, Bags, and Other Hot-Selling Products Online At 3 Times Cheaper Than Their Prices Here In Nigeria And Sell Them At Over 150% Profit!

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The ecommerce business, otherwise known as the online mini importation business, has been around for over a decade in Nigeria.

However, so many people are unsuccessful at the ecommerce business. This is largely due to the fact that there is no reliable and practical information on the business.

On the other hand, the few information that are available are either half-baked or outright garbage or trash.

Therefore, it is to remedy this ugly situation and assist all would-be and long time mini importers that the wondeful ebook on the ecommerce/online mini importation business by Kome Itoje was released.

To be very frank with you, "The Importers Bible", also known as "The Importers Companion", is the official bible on the online mini importation business in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, "The Importers Bible" will teach you step by step how to start a profitable importation business in Nigeria.

Here is what you will discover from "The Importers Bible" below.

Honestly speaking, "The Importers Bible" - The Importer's Companion (Where and How to Import Brand New Laptops, Androids, Blackberries, Shoes, Clothes, Bags, Jewelries and Other Top Quality Products at Rock Bottom Prices!) by Kome Itoje is the official bible of the online importation business in Nigeria.

The Importers Companion - reveals how to start an import business in Nigeria

As a matter of fact, "The Importers Bible" is the ONLY blueprint you need in your desire to make money online from the online importation business.

It is one of the several "How to Make Money Online in Nigeria Step by Step Internet Marketing Guide Series" that is offered exclusively on this website.

Frankly speaking, the 101-page "The Importers Bible " (AKA The Importers Companion) by Kome Itoje teaches you how to start your very own online mini importation business within minutes.

Believe Me!

Armed with "The Importers Companion...", you do not need an import licence to start your online mini importation business from the comfort of your home right here in Nigeria.

Following the detailed step by step instructions in "The Importers Bible", you simply order whatever products you feel like ordering online from the comfort of your home and expect to receive your orders at any part of the country in some cases free of any shipping costs.

Testimonials About "The Importers Bible"

Testimonial by Prince Tony Akako

profitable importation business in nigeria

Testimonial by Raphael Anioba

cheap mini importation secrets>

Testimonial by Eni Smart Viken

learn mini importation>

Testimonial by Elechi Felix

Here is what Elechi Felix from Ikorodu, Lagos State has to say about "The Importers Bible":

"Good morning Mr Kome Itoje. Compliment of the season. I bought five mini importation ebook or report from five different people and I rated you the BEST..."

He continues below:

"My New Year Resolution is that I will embark on Mini importation of cell phones and its accessories plus wristwatches. I will love you to be my mentor especially in product search for cheap and quality product. Will you accept? Thanks."
- ELECHI FELIX at Ikorodu Lagos.

Elechi Felix made that review in 2013 when "The Importers Bible" was 7 chapters and 59 pages long. Now, "The Importers Bible" has been updated and reloaded and two whole chapters have been added to the book to increase it to 9 chapters and 101 pages long.

Now, check out the Table of Contents in the fresh-from-the-oven newly updated and reloaded complete version of “The Importers Bible”.

TABLE of CONTENTS of “The Importers Bible”

Titles Page
Copyright/Legal Notice and Disclaimer 2
Meet Kome Itoje - Your Mentor 3

Chapter One: Introduction
What is e-importation? 6
What to Import 6
Believe Me! This is No Scam! 9
Here is Proof! 10
What You Need To Get Started 13
How to Raise Capital for Your Online Importation Business 16

Chapter Two: Genuine and Trustworthy Import Portals Identified
How to Investigate Fake Import Portals 20
By Their Fruits You Shall Recognise Them 21
Genuine and Legitimate Import Portals Identified 22
Secret Websites to Import Products at the Cheapest Prices 23

Chapter Three: How to Make Money Fast from Importation Business 1
Are Made in China Goods Fake? 24
A Website That is Cheaper Than Aliexpress 25
The Best Way to Make Money from Importation 27
Some Business Categories You Can Venture Into 29
Some Hot Selling Mini Importation Products 31
Be Observant and Innovative 47

Chapter Four: How to Make Money Fast from Importation Business 2
Planning for the Success of Your Importation Business 48
Sourcing for Product Videos for Ads 54
How to Get Your Goods Shipped to Your "Doorsteps" 55
How to Place Your Order 55
Local Shipping Explained 57
Difference between the Two Logistics Companies 59
How to Distribute Your Orders 59
How to Advertise or Get People to Buy Your products 60

Chapter Five: How to Advertise and Promote Your Imported Goods/Products with or without a website
With Paid Advertising 61
With Free Advertising 67

Chapter Six: Tips on Becoming a Wildly Successful Mini Importer
Learning from the Experience of Others 69
Tips to Consider in Your Mini Importation Business 72
Tips on Marketing Ladies Jewelleries 79

Chapter Seven: Start a Mini Importation Business Today!

Chapter Eight: Mini Importation is Good, But...

Chapter Nine: The Fastest, Easiest and Laziest Way to Make Money Online

The Opportunity of a Life Time - Grab It Now!

Testimonial by Mrs Gloria Udeviegwo

Here is an awesome testimonial about the newly-updated and reloaded 101 pages long "The Importers Bible" by Mrs Gloria Udeviegwo, a married woman from Delta state.

"I am a married woman with four lovely kids – three boys and a girl. I and my husband are civil servants. We work in different local government councils in the Delta State Unified Local Government Service.

Things were not easy for our family during the harsh days of recession in Nigeria. Our salaries were in arrears for many months.

And you can understand what it means for a husband and his wife to work in the same system where they are not paid salaries for months.

As a matter of fact, things got worse to the point that we were unable to pay our children’s school fees and they had to stop school. Even feeding became a problem too.

Eventually God sent a saving grace in the form of the online mini importation business. When I saw a post regarding the business by Kome Itoje on Facebook, I got interested and told my husband about it. We immediately took action and sourced money from friends to attend the seminar at Asaba...

I Thank God for the online mini importation business!!!

Our living standard has improved greatly and my children are back to school. Additionally, our capital base for the business has risen to over a million naira (N1,000,000) within a space of just four months and we have since paid back the loan we borrowed from the cooperative – all thanks to the online mini importation business!

Speaking from experience, I can say that the online mini importation business is good. It has saved my family from abject poverty and penury.

I strongly recommend the business to everyone – especially full time housewives and mothers. The hard times and non-payment of salaries have become a blessing in disguise for my family.

I wish I could help my colleagues who wail endlessly about salary arrears experience the financial freedom that I have experienced, but the instant reaction I often get from them is that of doubt and disbelief.

So, I have since stopped trying to convince them about the business – unless, of course, if any of them become curious as to the secret for my family’s enviable standard of living despite the non-payment of salaries."


Without a doubt, this e-book, "The Importers Bible", also known as, "The Importers Companion (Where and How to Import Brand New Laptops, Androids, Blackberries, Shoes, Clothes, Bags, Jewelries and Other Top Quality Products at Rock Bottom Prices!)", will open up a viable home business opportunity for you - and your life will certainly never remain the same again.

"this e-book is the BEST power-packed cheapest
products guide that you will read in a long time..."

Matter of fact, if you read only one e-book on "Best Strategies On Spending Less To Get More" this year, make sure that it is this e-book: "The Importers Companion..."

...Plus "The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Guide"!

"How to Earn $250 or More Weekly from Facebook for Life GUARANTEED!" ebook by Kome Itoje is another classic social marketing course by Kome Itoje.

Also known as "The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Guide", "How to Earn $250 or More Weekly from Facebook for Life GUARANTEED!" is an awesome and breathtaking espouse in our "How to Make Money Online in Nigeria Step by Step Internet Marketing Guide Series" that is offered exclusively on this website.

To be completely honest with you, this 47-page e-book teaches you how to make money from Facebook within minutes. Armed with "How to Earn $250 or More Weekly from Facebook...", you do not need any other social media marketing guide.

profitable importation business in nigeria

After you have finished reading "The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Guide" - "How To Earn $250 Or More Weekly From Facebook For Life GUARANTEED!" - the scales will literally fall from your eyes as to the limitless opportunities available with respect to making money from Facebook.

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More Testimonial Below

Testimonial by Manuela Nnaka

Here is another wonderful testimonial by Manuela Nnaka below.

free mini importation ebook "Kome Itoje! Kome Itoje!! Kome Itoje!!! You are simply incredible!"

She continues: "As a matter of fact, you are unbelievable! I don't need to wonder the Planet you came from because am sure you have lived in all the planets before landing here. Afterall where would all these heavenly ideas have come from?

"Am speechless my brother. You are an answered prayer to this generation. I have read and re-read your "The Ultimate Fiverr Blueprint" How To Earn $100 Daily From Fiver, The Easy Way and The Hard Way".

"This book is simply AMAZING! Also, I just closed book on a second one that kept me speechless, titled "Easiest and Fastest Way to Make Money Online From the Comfort of Your Own Home Right Here in Nigeria". This one is a cracked Riddle!

"The advertised book, "How To Make Money Online In Nigeria GUARANTEED" is a "TIMED BOMB" Ha ha ha!!! With such a man with loaded so much genuine and workable ideas in this part of the world at a time like this...

"Indeed Kome, you are a DIVINE INTERVENTION!!! Ride On Brother! God bless your generation!"

- by Manuela Nnaka, Lagos state.

Who is Kome Itoje?

mini importation 2018But you may not be entirely convinced. You may be wondering to yourself: "By the way, who is Kome Itoje?"

Well, Kome Itoje is principally an accountant by profession. He is also an internet marketer who has been engaged in online business for over a decade now.

Some of his online properties are as follows:,,,, and several others.

Most importantly, Kome Itoje is the MD/CEO of "Komebiz International", an ICT resources and manpower development company that is legally registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria. He is married with children.

Below are the views of some persons who have had course to interact and conduct business dealings with the man Kome Itoje.

cheap mini importation secrets

learn mini importation

profitable importation business in nigeria

cheap mini importation secrets

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Fresh from the oven and completely free if you order "The Importers Companion..." is this new wonderful e-book titled: 3 Hottest Work From Home Businesses You Must Do To Make Money Online And Turn Your Fortunes Around In ! Believe me. This is a MUST-READ if you desire to turn your fortunes around rapidly in .

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Value N50,000

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How to Order:

    Step One: Fill and Submit Form Online - The order form for "The Importers Bible" and "The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Guide" e-books is displayed below. Fill and submit it online, taking note of the information you enter in the form.

    Step Two: Make Payment - Pay to Bank using the payment details disclosed below. You can pay by bank deposit or online with your ATM card. Use any of the payment options which is most convenient and suitable to you to order the ebook.

The Importers Bible
e-Book Payment Details

Pay the appropriate amount for The Importers Bible Mega Promo into the following bank account.

profitable importation business in nigeria
Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank Plc, Nigeria

Name: Komebiz International

Account: 0154156502

Alternatively, you may also pay for The Importers Bible Package through Zenith Bank Plc. To do this, use the payment details below:

profitable importation business in nigeria
Bank: Zenith Bank Plc, Nigeria

Name: Komebiz International

Account: 1013932403


    Step Three: Send Notification of Payment - After payment, send your payment notification by sms to 08034563447 or 08094089232.

        After payment, send your payment notification in the following format - ( "Mini Importer", Depositor's name, AMOUNT PAID, email address, and phone number)  - to: 08034563447 or 08094089232

    Step Four: Scan the Deposit / Teller Slip and Send it by e-Mail - To speed up the confirmation process (in the event that the bank fail to alert us of your payment), please scan the deposit / teller slip and send it by e-mail to

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