Transfer, Send And Receive Money From Ghana To Nigeria 3 Simple Steps

"Please How Do I Receive Money From Ghana To Nigeria?" is a common question that we receive on this website on a regular basis.

transfer money ghana to nigeriaHave you too been wondering about how you can send money from Ghana to your acquaintances who live in Nigeria?

Or, do you live in Ghana and would love to buy any of our products and services? If so, today is your lucky day! Yes, you can now transfer and send money online from Ghana to Nigeria and Nigeria to Ghana without stress!!!

If you are a migrant worker who would like to carry out remittances of money to your loved ones in Nigeria, you will also benefit too from the information contained in this article.

Indeed, you can now send money online to anyone in Nigeria from the comfort of your home or office. Hence, if you have been longing to order and make payment for any of our products and services, your worry days are now over!!! Thanks to Cofred!!!

All you need to do is open a free account with Cofred and you will be able to begin sending and receiving money wherever you may live in Ghana and Nigeria with ease!

As a matter of fact, Cofred account allows you to send money online to any bank account in Nigeria from the comfort of your home or office with low fees. Your recipients will receive money directly into their bank account in Nigeria within 1 - 6 hours...

So, what are the steps involved in getting started?

How to Send Money Through Cofred

Here are the steps involved in sending money through Cofred from Ghana to Nigeria:

Step One: To send money to Nigeria from Ghana, you will need to create a free account with Cofred so as to use their money transfer services.

Step Two: Load money into your account via any of Cofred's Agents located near you or via any multiple deposit options available on the deposit money page or screen of your Cofred account.

Step Three: Once you have loaded money into your Cofred account, click or tap on "Rapid Money Transfer", followed by "Bank Transfer To Nigeria" and enter your recipient's bank details in the recipient's bank details area and click on send.

NOTE: To make use of Komebiz International's bank details, please send a mail to and specifically request for our bank details to use for the transfer.

As soon as you are done with the transfer, Cofred will commence the processing and the money should land in your recipient's bank account in less than six hours.

Sending Money from Nigeria to Ghana

On the other hand, you may want to make payment and transfer money from Nigeria to Ghana. If so, here is how to go about it still using Cofred money transfer services:

transfer money ghana to nigeria Step One: To receive money from Nigeria in Ghana where you may reside, log into your Cofred account and click on "Manage Money", followed by "Request Money".

Step Two: Next, select the bank option your sender wants to pay with, fill in the amount you want to receive in Naira.

Step Three: Click "Submit". Thereafter, the system will provide you with the bank details for your sender to pay with.

Step Four: Once your sender has made the payment into Cofred's bank account in Nigeria, you will need to alert Cofred regarding this.

Once the payment is confirmed, your Cofred account in Ghana will be funded and you can make withdrawal to your local Bank or Mobile money account or pick-up cash from designated Cofred Agents locations.

At present, Cofred only support money transfer to and fro Ghana and Nigeria. Naira (sign: N; code: NGN) is the currency of Nigeria. It is subdivided into 100 Kobo.

NOTE: If you are resident in Ghana and desire to receive or send money from or to someone in Nigeria, you will be the one to initiate the transfer process from your Cofred account.

But, if you live in Nigeria and desire to receive money or send money from or to someone in Ghana, just send them the information contained on this page for them to get started with the money transfer process.

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