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Here is the perfect sit-at-home business for all Nigerians. Believe me. This business is hot and highly profitable and it is for you if you fall into the following categories:

1. Sit-at-home ladies and housewives and nursing mothers

2. Salary Earners

3. Business men and women

4. Students and pupils

5. NYSC corp members

6. Young people

7. Old people

As a matter of fact, this business is for all Nigerians and it can be done anywhere in the world with your internet-enabled mobile phone. That is what makes it the perfect sit-at-home business for all Nigerians.

In a few minutes from now, you will be learning everything about this perfect home business for all Nigerians. Meanwhile, please watch the short video below to give you a hint of what this business is all about.

A Grossly Underpaid Telecomms Staff

Are you a salary earner?

How much is your salary every month?




Or, how much?

Do you feel that you are grossly underpaid for your time and services?

If so, you will be able to relate to this story below.

Michael and Kelvin were childhood friends. Their friendship dates back to their secondary school days.

Though they have their individual differences, their friendship has waxed stronger with each passing year. 

While Michael worked with a telecommunications company in Lagos, Kelvin was a civil servant with the Post Primary Education Board in Delta state. 

About 6 months ago, Michael visited Kelvin at his home and told him about his resignation from his N800k/month job in the telecommunications industry.

Kelvin thought Michael had gone mad and he told him so.

“Michael, are you nuts? How could you  resign your lucrative job! Are you missing a screw?”

N800k per month gone just like that! 

That is N9.6m in a year. 

For someone who was on a salary of less than N150k/month as a civil servant, that was the classical definition of madness. 

In his mind’s eyes kelvin pictured an effigy of his good old friend Michael in the hands of his village people from his father’s side manipulating him to senselessness. 

He just continued to look at Michael in utter disbelief. 

Kelvin didn’t need to say anything. 

Michael already knew what was going on in his mind. 

After all, they were close friends since their secondary school days and could always tell what the other was thinking. 

So he said: “Kelvin, you will not understand.”

Kelvin replied:”Then make me understand.”

Michael responded: “I decided to leave my comfort zone and quit my N800k/month job which you refer to as lucrative to start a small business for 2 simple reasons”.

He paused and looked at Kelvin’s face as if to be sure his friend was listening before continuing:

Reason number one: I have worked with my telecommunications company for 15 years now. I will be turning 50 on 5th August this year and there are indications that the company will be letting me go soon. I did not want to be caught off-guard so I decided to resign.”

Kelvin understood the first reason because it happened to his own junior sister. 

She had worked for a leading telecommunications company in Nigeria for over 10 years. 

Then all of a sudden they intimated her that they will not be needing her services any longer. 

So, the management of the company practically twisted her arm and forced her to resign her appointment. 

“Ohk.” Kelvin nodded his response, “So, what’s your second reason?”

Michael’s face lit up with a smile before he responded: “The second reason is this:” 

He paused dramatically for effect before saying, “I was grossly underpaid for my time and services with the company!”

Kelvin suddenly felt a tingling in his right ear. “Grossly underpaid?” he repeated as if he did not hear him the first time. 

Michael was patient with his friend. He understood his unspoken question: “Please explain the meaning of what you mean by grossly underpaid”.

So he patiently explained: “A friend of mine recently showed me an alert payment from an international company to the tune of N1.5m in one week. ONE WEEK!”

He paused to allow his explanation sink in before continuing: “Do you know what that means? This chap was receiving my 8 months salary in ONE MONTH. Imagine that!”

Kelvin continued to look at his friend like a raving lunatic.  

He wanted to tell him that N800k/month was his own salary for 7 months but he patiently waited for Michael to continue.

“Hen hen! Do you remember Osaro?”

Kelvin added: “You mean the one we referred to as Osasco?”

“Yes that’s the guy!” Michael thundered. “The guy is not even bright. Did you know he came out with 3rd class in Religious Studies? He is the one that is earning my 8 months salary in ONE MONTH! Me that came out with a very sound 2-1. Can you imagine?”

“Wonders shall never end!”

“Now, tell me. If it is you, would you not be motivated to resign?”

Do you see this life with its ways of playing tricks on us? Michael thought to himself. 

Here he was thinking to himself that N800k/month salary in our modern-day economy in Nigeria was the ultimate…

Yet, the person who was earning that money regarded it as being “grossly underpaid” for his time and services.

His university degree was irrelevant. Compared to his own salary of less than N150k/month, Michael’s salary was huge. 

Kelvin responded to his friend’s rhetorical question: “If it is me, would I be motivated to resign? Of course not!” 

He continued: “I would hold on to that job as if my life depended upon it.”

But his friend’s mind was made up and nothing he said could change his mind. 

So he let him be and they did not see again for close to 6 months.

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Perfect Sit-At-Home Business for All Nigerians

The perfect sit-at-home business for all Nigerians will be revealed shortly. But let us continue with the story of Michael and his friend Kelvin for a moment.

About a week ago, a car pulled up at Kelvin’s home and he wondered who the driver could be looking for. 

The lone occupant alighted from the car only for Kelvin to see it was Michael his friend who had come calling with a brand new car. 

Kelvin hurried down the veranda steps to meet his friend screaming at the top of his voice: “Mike! Mike!!” 

As he drew close to his friend, Kelvin hesitated. 

His friend noticed the hesitation and reassured him: “Come and shake my hand my friend and forget about coronavirus! My family and I are completely immune to that dreaded disease!”

He brought out something that looked like a lipstick. 

Michael told his friend: “You know we are advised to drink a lot of water during this period. I have the alkaline cup and I also have this – the mouth freshener which is an effective defence against bacteria and viruses in your mouth”.

Rather than take his friend’s extended hand, Kelvin peered inside the car and noticed a polythene bag close to the gear. 

Michael followed his friend’s gaze and brought out the bag. Inside the bag was an alkaline cup, toothpaste, hand cream, mosquito repellent, vitamin c and a packet of coffee. 

He took out some of the products from the bag and handed them to his friend.

Kelvin collected the products and expressed his profuse thanks for them. He looked at the toothpaste and said: “Longrich. This is a new brand.”

His friend replied: “No o! They’ve been in Nigeria since 2012. This year would make it the 8th year that they have been operating in this country. Longrich Bioscience International is presently in about 190 countries of the world”.”

“Wow! That’s great. I never heard of them.” Kelvin responded and they walked towards his apartment.

“It’s so good to see you Mike. Just look at you smashing as ever and with a new car too! This new business of yours must be paying huge dividends.”

They got inside the house and Kelvin entertained his friend with a bottle of Heineken beer. 

As he sipped his beer, he knew Kelvin was dying to know how he became so successful in his new business in such a short time.

He started with a question: “Do you know that there is a goldmine in your home?”

Kelvin was lost and it showed clearly on his face. 

Rather than explaining what he meant, Michael asked another question: “What brand of toothpaste do you use and how long have you been using it?”

Kelvin became impatient but he responded all the same: “You know the toothpaste I have been using all these years. It has not changed. You have used it yourself whenever you came and spent the night in my house.”

At this point, Kelvin’s wife Mary came in to greet her husband’s friend.

“Uncle Mike! Quite an age. Did we offend you? How about your wife and children?”

Michael responded: “No o my darling. You did nothing to offend me. I have just been busy, that’s all. Esther and the kids are doing fine and send their regards”.

“Look dear.” Kelvin told his wife. “Mike gave us some products to combat the coronavirus.”

“That’s very kind and thoughtful of you, Uncle Mike. God will richly bless you. I hope you will be staying for dinner.”

Michael responded: “I doubt if I will be staying that long.”

“Alright,” She said, “Let me leave go back to my office and leave you two to your men talk”.

As she made to leave, Michael asked: “What about the children?”

“They are at my parents’ place to spend the holiday with them” She said and ducked out of sight.

Then Michael turned to his friend and went straight to the point: “In September last year, I signed up as a distributor with Longrich, an international company that produces daily consumables such as toothpaste, bathing soap, body cream, roll-on, mouth freshener, shampoo, sanitary pads, baby diapers and so on.. Some of the products that they manufacture are what I just gave to you few minutes ago.”

He paused to allow that sink in before continuing: “It is my international company, Longrich, that awarded this brand new car to me about 2 months back”.

I responded: “Wow! So fast? It must be easy work then”.

Michael replied: “Yes, it is and that is because these are daily consumables which you, your family, your neighbours, colleagues, friends and relations use every day.”

Kelvin’s face lit up with excitement.

“So, how does it work?” He asked. 

Michael sipped some of his beer before explaining further: “It is simple and here is how it works.” 

“One, you register as a distributor and change your brand to that of this company and bring in your immediate family members too”.

Kelvin replied: “That’s easy”.

Michael continued: “Two, you encourage your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and others to change their brand too.”

“Ohk”, his friend responded. 

Michael gulped down some more of his beer before concluding: “Finally, you recommend the products to people suffering from different illness and diseases.”

“That’s it? That’s how you got a brand new car in less than 6 months?” Kelvin wanted to be sure. 

His friend replied in the affirmative.

But Kelvin still could not understand how someone could be rewarded with a brand new car worth over N3m simply because he changed his brand and also got his friends to do the same. 

He responded: “Please explain the connection between a brand new car and the changing of your brand of daily consumables. Explain it step by step to me.”

Michael patiently explained: “Longrich has an arrays of products which are of optimum efficiency.  And you know what they say about a good product selling itself. That is true when it comes to Longrich products. Their products are simply the best and that is because they are natural,  organic,  aesthetic,  original and authentic.  They’re worth any amount you spend to buy them. And when you use them,  you will realize that you are using top quality products. ” 

“Aside from the quality of the products,  their compensation plan is next to none. You can actually  earn more than your upline and overtake the person in ranks unlike you have it with other multi-level network marketing company. You have done network marketing before so you will understand what I mean.”

“Oh, really? That’s great.”

Michael sipped some of his beer before continuing: “You know that every manufacturing company makes money when they sell their products in the market. My global company has a generous profit-sharing system designed to reward hard work. In Longrich, you earn at any level you join the business.”

Another pause, then he explained further: “There are more than 7 ways to earn with Longrich, my Global Brand.  One of them is known as the Fast Rich Promo Pack. Now, imagine signing on someone with the Fast Rich Pack and cashing out N8k or N16k the next morning based on the package the person bought.  Aside from that, you will still earn performance  bonus on the PVs attached.”

“Honestly, the Incentives are juicy and mouth-watering.  As a VIP member of Longrich,  you are entitled to 1% share of the company’s monthly sales turnover.  As a D4, D6 , D7 Rank member of Longrich, you earn 2.5% of company’s monthly turnover.”

“Finally, there are the trips,  cars,  house,  scholarship awards etc. You get to win cars,  all-expense paid trips,  house,  scholarship and so on.”

“Now, just imagine that you have 100 people under you buying toothpaste, bathing soap, body cream and other daily consumables from the company every month, how much do you think you will be making every month?”

He didn’t allow his friend answer the question but continued: “Right now, I have over 300 people under me”.

“300!” Kelvin almost jumped up in excitement.

Michael brought out his phone and showed Kelvin his last credit alert from the company. 

Kelvin looked at the alert message “722,500”.

“That is the amount I got last week and I am expecting another one this Thursday. Right now I am making my one month salary in ONE WEEK. I am expecting to double it before the end of the year.  Honestly, this is the perfect sit-at-home business for all Nigerians, young or old. All you need is an internet-enabled mobile phone. That’s all.”

Like a deaf-mute, Kelvin was struck speechless and could utter no words. He was completely tongue-tied. All he could do was stare at his friend in utter astonishment. 

Michael continued: “N722k a week is big, right? But that is nothing compared to what some other persons are earning every week with Longrich. Now, let me shock you. A fellow by name Charles Tambou joined Longrich in September 2018. Do you know how much he is presently earning on the platform? N3.4m in ONE WEEK! Which business do you can start with N25k and will start yielding N3.4m within 2 years? NONE! And he will continue to earn that amount of money EVERY WEEK FOR LIFE.”

He opened his gallery and showed his friend images of various alerts, rank achievements and awards made to different members of Longrich. Kelvin was stunned beyond words.

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When Kelvin finally found his voice, he said: “And all these from changing your brand?”

“Yes.” His friend replied.

At this point, Kelvin knew he was 100% IN. 

Kelvin responded: “Wow! So, how do I get started?”

Michael replied: “It is simple to get started. Registration is free but you will need about N25k to activate your membership.”

“What’s the N25k for if registration is free?”, he asked.

His friend clarified his earlier explanation: “Registration with Longrich is free but you will need to purchase products from the company to activate your free membership. And the minimum amount of products in points is 60pv which is about N25k. You are not paying that money to me but to the company’s official bank account in Nigeria. Thereafter, you will send your personal details to me to get you registered locally with a Stockist in your area where you will collect your products”.

Michael concluded: “I will send you the bank details of the company later on through Whatsapp”.

How Much Have You Spent on Your Daily Consumables?

“Before I leave,” Michael said. “I want you to do something for me.” Michael said

“And what’s that?” Kelvin asked. 

Michael responded: “I want you to sit down and calculate how much you have spent on your daily consumables for the past 25 years and see how much it will amount to.”

“That is a very easy one.” Kelvin assured his friend.

Michael finished his drink and got up. 

He said as he reached the door: “By the time you finish with the breakdown of the money you have spent on daily consumables over the last 25 years, you will discover that there is a GOLDMINE in your home.”

Kelvin escorted Michael to his car and they said good bye. 

After his friend was gone, Kelvin sat down at his desk immediately, brought out his jotter and started the task of writing down all the expenses on his daily consumables for the past 25 years. 

He wrote down all the prices of the daily consumables that he had been using for the past 25 years since his university days and after he got married and started having children. 

1. Toothpaste
2. Bathing soap
3. Shower gel
4. Deodorant
5. Coffee
6. Sanitary napkins
7. Panty liner
8. Mosquito repellent
9. Shampoo
10. Body cream
11. Mouth Freshener
12. Baby Diapers
13. Baby powder/cream
14. Hand cream
15. heat powder

He did this gruesome task for about 3 hours without for once getting up from his reading desk.

Kelvin was so engrossed in the task that he did not notice his wife come into his study to tell him that dinner was ready and the table already set. When he was done analyzing everything, he arrived at N1,225,800 – a small fortune.

 He was shocked.

He thought: “So, this is the estimate of what I have spent on all these consumables all these years?”

The most painful part is that nobody remembered all these purchases he made all those years.
Yet, his friend had won a brand new car and is earning a steady income every week within just 6 months of switching his brand to a different one.

What even irked him most is the realization that he would spend even more money on these daily consumables for the rest of his life and his children would do the same too after he was gone…

Without any one ever paying a dime into his account or those of his wife and children as appreciation for many years of loyally using their brand.

He took his phone and sent a message to his friend on Whatsapp: “I have finished the assignment and I arrived at an estimate of N1,225,800″.

Instantly, Michael sent a reply: “If you spent that money with my international company, you would have become a VIP member with Longrich by now and earning 6 to 7 figures every week both you, your wife and children too”.

Kelvin replied: “Amazing! Please send me the bank details right away. I would like to make a transfer of N25k to the company account at once.”

There you have it.

The perfect sit-at-home business for all Nigerians and which you should be doing right now is the business of your daily consumables. Like Michael told his friend Kelvin, it is a very easy business to start and run because you use these daily consumables and everyone around you spend money on them too.

You only need to channel all those money they spend on their daily consumables for you to start earning huge passive income from Longrich every week.

And whether you like it or not, both you and everyone you know must spend this money on your daily consumables every month. Why not change your brand and also encourage everyone around you to do the same to start getting huge alerts every week?


Now, let me give you the same assignment Michael gave his friend Kelvin.

I want you to sit down at your reading desk, bring out your jotter and do the following assignment:

1. Write out all your daily consumables and the amount you have spent on them for the past 25 years.

2. Write out all your daily consumables and the amount you expect to spend on them for the another 25 years.

3. Write out how much money you will make from your daily consumables for the next 25 years.

The assignment is easy, right?

I think so too!

When you are through with the assignment, please send it to Tim on his mobile: 07018665923.

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