Is Your Brand of Toothpaste Paying You Any Money?

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This post will address toothpaste definition, as well as the types and brands of toothpaste  available in the market today. It will also show you the best toothpaste to use among them.

A future post will address toothpaste history and what toothpaste is made of.

So, let’s go.

Toothpaste Definition

According to Wikipedia, toothpaste can be defined as follows:

“Toothpaste is a paste or gel dentifrice used with a toothbrush to clean and maintain the aesthetics and health of teeth. Toothpaste is used to promote oral hygiene: it is an abrasive that aids in removing dental plaque and food from the teeth, assists in suppressing halitosis, and delivers active ingredients (most commonly fluoride) to help prevent tooth decay (dental caries) and gum disease (gingivitis). Salt and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) are among materials that can be substituted for commercial toothpaste. Large amounts of swallowed toothpaste can be toxic.”

From the above definition, the benefits of using toothpaste are as follows:

  • Used to clean and maintain the aesthetics and health of teeth.
  • Used to promote oral hygiene.
  • Aids in removing dental plaque and food from the teeth,
  • Assists in suppressing halitosis,
  • Helps prevent tooth decay (dental caries) and gum disease (gingivitis).

However, according to Wikipedia, large amounts of swallowed toothpaste can be toxic and hence harmful to the human body.

Toothpaste Brands

There are so many brands of toothpaste that are available in the market today. Some of them are as follows:

  • Pepsodent
  • Macleans
  • Close-Up
  • Colgate
  • Oral B
  • Sensodyne
  • Dabur

And so many others.

Is your brand of toothpaste among the list above?

If not, what brand of toothpaste do you use?

Ponder over that for a while as we go on to look at the best toothpaste that you should be using starting from today.

Best Toothpaste Defined

Does it really matter which type of toothpaste that you should use?

Yes, it does!

As a matter of fact, any brand of toothpaste that does not adequately provide the 5 principal benefits outlined above cannot be said to be the best toothpaste fit for human use.



Let’s move on.

Now, let me ask you the following question:

How much did your toothpaste pay you today?

Or, better still, did you receive any call today from anyone thanking you for using your brand of toothpaste – which perhaps you have used loyally for over 20 years now?

That is the real crux of the matter.

Therefore, in order for a toothpaste to be regarded as the best toothpaste, the company that produce the toothpaste must show their appreciation for your patronage with various forms of bonuses and incentives. No lie. 

Now listen!

If the brand of toothpaste that you are presently using is not paying you any money or your patronage is not appreciated by the company that produces the toothpaste, then it is time for you to change your brand completely.

And that is because there is an international conglomerate with a presence in over 190 countries that will appreciate your patronage and even pay you for buying their products. The international company produce a unique type of toothpaste known as the Longrich teeth whitening toothpaste.

The toothpaste is uncommon in these parts of the world and I can assure you that it is far better than any of the various brands of toothpastes that you are presently familiar with.  Believe me. You only need to put it in your mouth to understand what I am talking about. 

  brands of toothpaste

The name of this global brand is Longrich Bioscience International.

Apart from toothpaste, Longrich Bioscience International produce other daily consumables like bathing soap, roll-on, mouth freshener, body cream, hand cream, sanitary napkins and so many others.

They also produce health and nutritional supplements for many common ailments and diseases like stroke, hypertension, diabetes, pile, ulcer, arthritis, rheumatism, fibroid, premature ejaculation, infertility, infection and so many others.

As a matter of fact, Longrich Bioscience International has more than 2,000 top quality products which solve people’s problems and hundreds of testimonies abound that they actually work. Click here to check out some of them.

Longrich has 8 world-class laboratories, research and development centers and factories located in USA, Japan, France, China and other countries. The global brand is presently building the 9th research and development factory in Lekki Free Trade Zone, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos state, Nigeria to serve the whole of Africa and even beyond.

longrich factory

And they reward their partners and distributors with weekly payments of bonuses and incentives in the form of alerts, “alarms”, car, travel, house and scholarship awards.

READ MORE: How to Make Money from Longrich Bioscience International

Let me ask you again:

Has the company of your brand of toothpaste ever paid any money as bonus into your account, or awarded you with a car, all-expenses paid trip abroad, a house or scholarship for your children or nominee because of using their toothpaste?

If not, it is time to change your brand of toothpaste right away!

Toothpaste Story

Now, let me narrate a little story here to help you understand exactly what I have been talking about.

There were two friends by name Jeff and John.

best toothpasteJohn is a married man with a beautiful wife and 3 lovely children age 10, 7 and 4.

Jeff is also married with 4 lovely children age 12, 10, 8 and 5.

While John resided in Asaba, Jeff resided in Warri, both in Delta state of Nigeria.

Their friendship dates back to their primary school days and they shared so many things in common.

They shared the same brand of beer and also were fans of the same football club in the European National League.

They even shared the same brand of toothpaste too.

A Change of Brand

They were so close that they would pay each other a visit and stay for a few days without worrying about taking their toothpaste or toothbrush along with them.

And that continued for a while.

Until Jeff visited his friend John about 3 years ago and met a different brand of toothpaste in the house.

best toothpasteHe was shocked.

He could not believe it that of all the things they shared together that his friend would even think of the idea of switching to a different brand of toothpaste.

It was like sacrilege because their brand of toothpaste was passed down to them by their parents.

And they were also passing it down to their own children too.

Not only that.

He also discovered that virtually all the daily consumables in John’s house had been changed to that of this global brand.

best toothpaste– Bathing Soap
– Mouth Freshener
– Roll On
– Shampoo
– and others

John’s wife, Gloria, even told him in confidence that they had also changed their cooking pots too to that of this global brand.


But, Jeff resisted the change.

He had to hurriedly cut short his visit so that he would not have to use the toothpaste.

He simply would not bring himself to use this new brand of toothpaste, no matter what.

A change of Lifestyle

After that last time, he would take along his old toothpaste every other time he visited John.

This continued for some months.

Then Jeff started noticing a complete difference in the life of his friend John.

So, he asked his friend about this.

John told him that the global company of the brand of toothpaste which he bluntly refused to use was responsible for the change he was seeing in his life.

Still, Jeff refused to embrace the change.

Then John got his first brand new N3.5m “tear rubber” car from the global company.

Still, Jeff continued to use his old toothpaste.

Then in March last year, John again won another brand new N6m car from the global company.

best toothpasteJeff also witnessed his friend visit Tanzania, Kenya and Dubai last year all-expense fully paid trips by this global company.

Yet, Jeff would not bulge.

Call it stubbornness or anything you like, he just could not bring himself to change a brand which had been passed down to him by his parents since he was a toddler.

Changing that brand was like changing from Christianity to a different religion altogether.

That was how strongly he felt about changing his brand of toothpaste.

Then, just before 2019 ended, John again won an all-expense paid free trip to Greece which he will be embarking on this year.

And there is an indication that John will again win another N10m brand new car before the end of this year, 2020.

That is 3 cars in 3 years!

best toothpaste

John also narrated to his friend that he no longer paid his children’s school fees any more.

And that his 3 children were the ones paying their school fees all by themselves.

Jeff thought to himself: “All these just from changing to a different brand of toothpaste? C’mmon! Tell me something else!!!”

He simply could not believe it.

However, when he saw John’s weekly alerts in 6 digits from this global company, he had no choice but to believe it.

The payments with the name of the company and the dates they were made clearly stated was incontrovertible proof that John was actually getting all these money, trips and cars from this generous international company.

That was when Jeff became very sober and began to think deeply about this awesome business opportunity that his friend was engaged in.

He sat down and brought out his jotter and did some calculations.

He wrote down all the prices of the daily consumables that he had been using for the past 25 years since his university days and after he got married and started having children.

1. Toothpaste
2. Bathing soap
3. Shower gel
4. Deodorant
5. Coffee
6. Sanitary napkins
7. Panty liner
8. Mosquito repellent
9. Shampoo
10. Body cream
11. Mouth Freshener
12. Baby Diapers
13. Baby powder/cream
14. Hand cream
15. heat powder

He did this gruesome task for about 3 hours without for once getting up from his reading desk.

Jeff was so engrossed in the task that he did not notice his wife come into his study to tell him that dinner was ready and the table already set. When he was done analyzing everything, he arrived at N1,225,800 – a small fortune.

best toothpasteHe was shocked.

He thought: “So, this is the estimate of what I have spent on all these consumables all these years?”

The most painful part is that nobody remembered all these purchases he made all those years.

Yet, his friend had won 2 cars and several trips abroad and is earning a steady income every week within just 3 years of switching his brand to a different one.

What even irked him most is the realization that he would spend even more money on these daily consumables for the rest of his life and his children would do the same too after he was gone…

Without any one ever paying a dime into his account or those of his wife and children as appreciation for many years of loyally using their brand.

A Life-Changing Decision

That was when he made a decision to join his friend in the business and switch his brand without delay.

And he didn’t care if his parents liked the decision or not.

He got up immediately, got dressed, mumbled some few words to his wife about an emergency and that he needed to see his friend John right away. 

His wife, Rhoda, ran after him screaming at the top of her voice: “Look, dear! It is already a quarter to six! What emergency is that that cannot wait till tomorrow? What about your food? At least eat something before you go!”

But, Jeff could not be bothered. This was no time food. It was time for serious business.

He also knew his wife would not stop talking until he was out of her sight.

So, he jumped into his car and headed off straight to Asaba to visit his friend with the intention of getting him to sign him up in the business without delay.

He didn’t even bother to call his friend’s number before leaving, which was quite unusual of him.

But, he was shocked when he reached John’s house.

best toothpasteThe whole place was deserted and there was no one in sight.

There was a big padlock at the gate of the fenced compound.

He moved near the gate and peeped inside the compound just to be sure he was seeing properly.

But there was no one inside the compound and John’s two cars were no where in sight.

Gradually, Jeff moved away from the deserted compound as the full realization of what had happened hit him squarely in the face.

But, he wanted to be sure.

So, he brought out his phone and dialed his friend’s number.

Before he could utter a single word, his friend’s voice boomed in his ears at the other end.
“SURPRISE! I knew you would come looking for me.”

Jeff was speechless for some seconds. When he finally found his voice, he asked: “How did you know?”

John replied:”I have known you for too long that I can predict your every move.”

Continuing, John said: “We just moved into our new home in Lagos last weekend. I would have told you but I wanted it to come as a surprise. And I didn’t know that you would visit first, before calling me.”

Jeff almost dropped the phone.

“Lagos State?” Jeff repeated the words sheepishly as if he did not hear it the first time.

“Yes, Lagos State.” responded John. “Don’t worry. You will get to know the place soon.”

best toothpaste

As the full import of what his friend told him gradually hit him, Jeff asked his friend: “What about your job at the ministry? What will happen to it?”

John replied: “I am on leave right now. But, I intend to resign my appointment once the leave is over.”

best toothpaste“Ok”, Jeff replied and disconnected the call.

He was so stunned by the revelation that he didn’t even remember to congratulate his friend at his latest achievement.

Slowly, Jeff walked back to where he parked his car deep in thought.

He got into the car and sat motionless for some minutes.

He felt like someone who had been completely  blind all these months and now could see for the very first time in his life.

As he sat there deep in thought, he completely lost track of the time.

Suddenly, he was startled and brought back to reality by a sharp movement in the shadows at the nearby bushes opposite where he parked his car. He peered into the bushes but could see nothing. Maybe he was really getting old and his eyes were deceiving him, he concluded.

He looked at his watch and discovered to his dismay that the time was already 9:08pm.

Jeff knew he could no longer go back to Warri that night because he hated driving late at night.

So, he turned on the ignition of his car, put it into reverse and left his friend’s compound to look for a hotel to pass the night. As he drove away into the darkness, the one thought on his mind was to find a hotel quickly and turn in for the night.

He decided that the first thing he would do when he got to the hotel was to call his wife and narrate everything to her. He knew the news would come as a shock to her indeed. 

As he made his way to the express, he changed gears and gradually increased speed.

Seizing the Opportunity

Jeff later contacted his friend directly the next day on Whatsapp video call and they talked at length about the awesome business opportunity which has turned John’s life around completely.

John explained to Jeff that he joined Longrich in March 2018 and in less than 3 years of changing his brand he had risen to the rank of Diamond 7, his wife Diamond 5, and his 3 children Diamond 3 and Diamond 2 members with the company. He had also been enjoying different bonuses every week from the company. 


He told John that he had made over a hundred million naira (N100m) and also enjoyed several free trips and cars from the business within that short space of time. He also told Jeff that his new home in Lagos was financed completely from the funds he generated from the “toothpaste business” with the company. 

best toothpasteJohn explained to Jeff that all he needed to do to get on board was simply to switch his brand to that of this global company and get his family on board too.

He further told Jeff that he also needed to recommend the company’s products to others and build a thriving team too just like himself had done.

That was all there was to the business. Nothing more.

And he would soon start enjoying a steady stream of income every week from the business just as John had been doing for over 2 years now.

Without further ado, Jeff told his friend to sign him up immediately.

He also brought his family on board too.

Longrich Toothpaste Testimonials

The moral of the toothpaste story is pretty simple. Your brand of toothpaste must do more than take care of your dental needs. It must put money back into your pocket every week. That is what it takes for a brand of toothpaste to be the best toothpaste.

Longrich Bioscience International is the ONLY company I know that is doing a perfect job of putting money back into your pocket when you buy their toothpaste and other products.

Check out some of the payment alerts from Longrich Bioscience International to some of its partners below and see for yourself. Take note of the date that these payments were made on Thursday, 20th February, 2020.

The Millionaire’s Club

how to join network marketinghow to join network marketing

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The Thousandnaire’s Club

how to start network marketing how to start network marketing how to start network marketing

how to start network marketing

From a broke teacher to earning 20m a week!!!

brands of toothpasteUdeme Etibensi was a formerly broke teacher on a monthly salary of N25k.

But, do you know what?

When she came across the Longrich business opportunity 6 years ago, she instantly recognized it as an opportunity to overcome her financial limitations and achieve her dreams.

So, she took action immediately and borrowed a loan of N32k to start up her Longrich business.

Just as it is with every new business, things were rough for her at the start. But, she never gave up.

She continued to overcome her challenges and make progress every day.

And, you know what? It has eventually paid off!

Now this week Thursday, 20th February, 2020, she closed almost N20m in earnings, that is, N19m plus.

That is some people’s 35 years salary earned in JUST ONE WEEK. Ewooooooooo!

Think about that!

Lady Theresa & Warren Buffet

Here is what Lady Theresa, a Diamond 5 Leader of Longrich Bioscience International has to say about this awesome business opportunity.

I’ve been in network marketing for over 10 years & I’ve done almost all of them. But I’ve never seen a network marketing company where just by placing someone under you, even though you are not the sponsor, you will earn!. This is why I choose Longrich.

best toothpaste

And Warren Buffet, the 4th richest man in the world according to Forbes, has this to say about business and making money:

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die!

best toothpaste

Best Toothpaste Checklist

Now, let us do a little assessment of the performance of your brand of toothpaste with our Longrich toothpaste.

Benefits of the Best Toothpaste Longrich Toothpaste Other Toothpastes
1. My Global Brand is presently building the 9th research and development factory in Lekki Free Trade Zone, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos state, Nigeria
best toothpaste ???
2. My toothpaste clean and maintain the aesthetics and health of teeth. best toothpaste ???
3. My toothpaste promote oral hygiene. best toothpaste ???
4. My toothpaste aids in removing dental plaque and food from the teeth, best toothpaste ???
5. My toothpaste assists in suppressing halitosis best toothpaste ???
6. My toothpaste helps prevent tooth decay (dental caries) and gum disease (gingivitis) best toothpaste ???
7. My toothpaste gives me a 1% Global Profit Share in 50 Countries EVERY WEEK best toothpaste ???
8. My toothpaste gives me a 12% Performance Bonus EVERY WEEK best toothpaste ???
9. My toothpaste gives me a 10% Development Bonus EVERY WEEK best toothpaste ???
10. My toothpaste gives me a 15% Leadership Bonus EVERY MONTH best toothpaste ???
11. My toothpaste gives me car incentive EVERY YEAR best toothpaste ???
12. My toothpaste gives me travel incentive EVERY YEAR best toothpaste ???
13. My toothpaste gives me house incentive EVERY YEAR best toothpaste ???
14. My toothpaste gives me an Executive MBA program in Regis University, Denver, Colorado, USA best toothpaste ???
15. My toothpaste gives me a 4 years Degree program in Soochow University, China for my children best toothpaste ???
16. My toothpaste enables my children, even the unborn children, to take care of their upkeep and pay their school fees all by themselves best toothpaste ???

Based on the parameters listed above, the best score other toothpastes will get is just 5/16.

But, our Longrich toothpaste has 16/16, and so much, much more!

best toothpaste

So, in your own unbiased opinion, which is the best toothpaste?


Do not give your answer yet.

I want you to get the Longrich toothpaste and give it a try. You can send me a message to send you a copy of our Longrich toothpaste for a 30 days risk-free trial so that you can make an informed judgement about which toothpaste is the best.

best toothpaste

Now, here comes the guarantee.

best toothpasteI promise that I will give you your money back if the toothpaste is not everything that it promises and much more.

Or, if for any reason at all you do not like the toothpaste, you only need to ask and I will make a refund of your money IN FULL.

But, wait! There is more!

I will also dash you an extra N5k on top as interest on your money.

But, that is not all.

I will also allow you to keep the unused toothpaste as my personal gift to you.

Thereafter, I will also personally call you on your cell phone to tender my unreserved apologies for wasting your time too!

Now that is a huge chance to take. But not when I know the quality of the Longrich toothpaste, it is not.

Willing to take me up on my offer?

Are you ready to sign up for the Longrich business and start making money right away?

If so, 

toothpaste brands

Get on Board NOW!

Call/whatsapp me on 07018665923 or click on the following link to hit me straight on Whatsapp >>>

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