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how to sell on expertnaire
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Affiliate marketing is the promotion and recommendation of helpful products to people who need them by people known as “affiliates”.

And when those who need them buy based on your recommendation as an affiliate, you get a commission.

That is how affiliate marketers make money in Nigeria.

Now let me give you a little illustration.

Let’s say you signup and join an affiliate marketing platform in Nigeria like Expertnaire.

One of the courses on Expertnaire is “The 72 IG Step By Step Implementation Program”.

The price is N40,000 and pays 50% commission for students of the program.

Now, assuming you join Expertnaire and sell 5 of “The 72 IG Step By Step Implementation Program” in one month.

You will make N20,000 X 5 = N100,000

That money will be paid directly into your bank account right here in Nigeria.

Hence, affiliate marketers serve as a “middleman” between an affiliate marketing platform and those who are interested in buying their products.

Now, let’s reiterate a little.

According to the definition or meaning of affiliate marketing stated above, your responsibility as an affiliate marketer is to promote and recommend helpful products to people who need them.

Now, here is the step by step process of starting a highly successful and profitable affiliate marketing business in Nigeria.

Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Platform

Expertnaire is an online marketplace dealing mostly with highly valuable knowledge-based digital products. 

In other words, Expertnaire is a marketing website where affiliate (you) get paid for recommending high value digital products from top vendors to buyers.

The Expertnaire affiliate program is a money-making program that pays affiliates a 50-80% commission for promoting various digital products on the platform.

Expertnaire is gradually becoming Nigeria’s biggest online marketplace for digital products.

The only type of products available on Expertnaire for the time being are mainly digital courses in video or pdf format.

These are products like ebooks, software, online courses.

Here is how to start affiliate marketing on the Expertnaire platform.

A Case Study – Marketing Product on Weight Loss

Let’s say you go to Expertnaire and decide to market a product on how to lose weight.

Everything has been done for you.

The affiliate marketing platform has been provided – Expertnaire.

The digital product on weight loss has equally been provided on the Expertnaire platform.

So, ALL that is needed is driving traffic (directing people interested in buying) to the platform and get paid.

Consequently, ALL you will need to do is PROMOTE and RECOMMEND this helpful product (on how to lose weight) to people who need the product (or people who want to lose weight).

So, what are the steps involved?

Step One: Join Expertnaire

Step Two: Get your affiliate link for the product on Expertnaire

Your affiliate link is the link that you will give to the people who want to buy the product.

When they buy through your affiliate link, you get a commission.

Each product has its own affiliate link.

You can view various products and get their affiliate link under the PRODUCT MARKETPLACE Section of Expertnaire.

Affiliate links on Expertnaire look like this:

Step Three: Study the Product You Intend to Promote

In order to market any product effectively, you have to really know what it is about. This way, you will be able to explain it and answer questions about it.

To do this, you should study the product itself or the sales page of the product

You can use your affiliate link to access the sales message of the product

Step Four: Find the People Who Need the Product

You will agree that it is not everyone who will be interested in buying a product on weight loss.

Some will simply not desire to lose weight.

Some may want to lose weight but they do not want to take the action involved.

While others may sincerely want to lose weight but simply do not have the money to buy a weight loss digital product.

Hence, since only the people who need a particular product and have the money will but it, the next thing you have to do is to FIND people who fit into this category and market the product to them.

This is not rocket science but simple logic.

For instance, people who are slim won’t buy a “lose weight product”.

So, how do you find people who will be ready to buy a weight loss product?

Well, you can search for them using two different means – paid and free.

First the free sources of finding these people include the following:

– Whatsapp or Email List

– Your Social media followers

– Other people on social media

– Other people on the internet

The other means of finding people who will buy the affiliate marketing products you are promoting is by searching for them means running an advert. The advert can be paid or non-paid.

For instance, if you send an advert to people on your Whatsapp or email list, that can be classified as a non-paid advert.

Let’s say you run an advert like the one below to your whatsapp or email list:

New Research Show That There Are 3 Nigerian
Foods That Burn Body Fat Fast If Eaten Daily.

For more information, watch this video:

=> Your affiliate link

In this case, if you actually have some people on your email or Whatsapp list who are interested in the product, they will click on your affiliate link to check it out and some of them might end up buying.

But then, the people on your whatsapp and email list are limited. If you have a robust email or Whatsapp list of people who have money to spend, you should be able to get a few sales.

Some affiliate marketers are already making over N150k monthly on Expertnaire selling a product to people on his Whatsapp list alone.

However, if you really wish to make more money, your focus should be on finding people via social media and the larger internet.

To do this, you would need to run paid ads.

But you can easily raise money through the free sources and accumulate enough money to run paid ads.

Step Five: Recommend the Product You Are Marketing To Them

Now that you have found the people who are interested in the product you are marketing, it is time to recommend the product to them

This can be as simple as giving them your affiliate link for the product.

When they click on it, it takes them to the sales page for the product.

If the sales page is highly persuasive, some of them will buy.

In many cases, the way you recommend a product is why people will buy it.

I usually like to buy the product I am marketing sometimes and study it so that I can give a good recommendation about it.

But know that if you are unable to do a good job of explaining why the product you are promoting will be a good investment/purchase for people, they won’t buy.

You should also realize that many people won’t buy immediately especially if the product is a bit on the high side.

This is why you need to be able to remind them about the product over and over again.


The above are just a few tips about starting affiliate marketing on the Expertnaire platform in Nigeria.

Now, there are various systems and tools that people use in marketing affiliate products.

For me, the simple one I use is this:

1. I run adverts on places like Google, FB, Instagram to find people interested in something.

2. I usually offer them a freebie like a video or a report that is about that topic they are interested in to get them to signup for my email list.

E.g. If I am selling a weight loss product, I can give them a 3-paged report that says “3 Nigerian Foods That Burn Body Fat Fast If Eaten Daily”

I do this using an optin page.

Sometimes, I don’t give an extra freebie.

I just redirect them to the sales page of the product I am recommending.

This works if the product I am recommending has a very powerful sales page.

3. Once they signup for my email list, I give them the promised information and I also recommend the product I am marketing to them

4. Since I now have access to them (via email), I also send them more useful information and reminders about my product recommendations.

Tools I Use Are:

– Autoresponders (For storing email contacts and email marketing) – I use Getresponse or Mailchimp.

– Webpage Builders – There are many of these online for building your webpages – I usually use Thrive Architect or Elementor. 

– A debit card from a Nigerian bank for making online payments

PS: If you would like to see a FREE video training on how I promote affiliate products on Expertnaire, click this link to access the video



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