Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing: Legit Or Scam? Brutally Honest Review

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Expertnaire is an affiliate marketing company where digital products (such as books, tutorials, courses and others) are listed for affiliates/members to select and promote for an affiliate commission.

So, you have probably heard that people make a lot of money on the Expertnaire affiliate marketing platform.

And you have come to Google to search for “how to make money on Expertnaire” and perhaps stumbled on this post.

If your plan is to find out more info before joining Expertnaire, you have come to the right place.

So, ensure you read everything on this Complete Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing System Review post first before deciding to join.

Now, let’s dive into it without further ado!

What is Expertnaire?

Expertnaire is an online marketplace dealing mostly with highly valuable knowledge-based digital products. 

The Expertnaire affiliate program is a money-making program that pays affiliates a 50-80% commission for promoting various digital products on the platform.

In other words, Expertnaire is a marketing website where affiliate (you) get paid for recommending high value digital products from top vendors to buyers.

The only type of products available on Expertnaire for the time being are mainly digital courses in video or pdf format.

These are products like ebooks, software, online courses.

Expertnaire is gradually becoming Nigeria’s biggest online marketplace for digital products and offers a ready-made alternative to affiliate marketing websites like Clickbank, Commission Junction or JV Zoo.

By the way, Expertnaire is a Nigerian website owned by a Nigerian by name Toyin Omotoso and, as such, you automatically have access to promoting the affiliate courses and programs on the site.

Toyin Omotoso is also the owner of, and

All you need to do affiliate marketing on the Expertnaire platform is your Nigerian bank account.

Hence, you are saved from all the stress and hassles involved in going through the backdoor to get a functional PayPal account occasioned by the unwarranted discrimination of PayPal against Nigerians using their platform.

Making Money with Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing

There are 2 ways to join Expertnaire and make money with affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Signing up for an Expertnaire Account is the first step to getting started as an Expertnaire member. You simply the Expertnaire website, fill the form to sign up and, boom!, you are in!

Thereafter, you can begin to promote the products on the platform right away.

Take note that with this method, you will have to figure out everything on your own without any help from anyone.

You can take this path to join Expertnaire if you already have previous knowledge about how affiliate marketing works and how to make money from it.

But if you are new to affiliate marketing, this route is NOT recommended for you to take.

Method 2 — joining Expertnaire Using the Hands-On Approach (where you are shown how to carefully promote Expertnaire products and make money as an affiliate).

This method is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for you if you are new to affiliate marketing and need a full-blown training to succeed with affiliate marketing fast using the 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint + Implementation Program B2 also known as 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator Training Program.

The benefits of taking this path to doing affiliate marketing with Expertnaire are numerous.

See the summary of what you are getting when you join Expertnaire through the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator Training Program below.

expertnaire affiliate marketing

In other words, you are getting the complete step by step 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator training that takes you by hand and walk you through what to do to go from zero to N750k a month or more using a combination of WhatsApp and Expertnaire (Value: N750,000). 


Version 2.0 of the 72IG Step by Step Implementation Program which teaches you how the big boys sell products online using a combination of email marketing and PPC traffic and takes your digital marketing skills to a new level (Value: N800,000).


Mind-Blowing Addon Bonuses and Incentives valued at N210,000

With the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator Training Program, you are getting a practical training on digital marketing from start to finish.

Honestly, the 72IG Implementation Program will take you from a beginner to a pro who is making N100k, N200k, N700k or even N1m on Expertnaire as soon as possible.

The total value of the complete package is valued at N1,760,000.

But you will not need to pay up to 5% of that amount.

All you will need to pay to get access to everything above is JUST N60,000.

That is JUST 165 naira per day for ONE WHOLE YEAR.

That is NOT even up to the money you spend on recharge cards every single day.

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Additionally, when you join Expertnaire via the 72ig program using my link, I will take you by the hand and guide you step by step on how I made my first sale on the platform.

I will equally show you what is working for me RIGHT NOW.

Finally, I will also give you a set of FREE tools you will need to run the affiliate marketing business like a pro on the Expertnaire platform.

Click this link and choose any tool/resource you want to download and I will link them to you.

P.S: if you want to download all of them, I will also leave a link to get them ASAP.

How to Join Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing System Using the 72IG Step By Step Implementation Program

Here is how to join Expertnaire affiliate marketing company using the 72IG Step By Step Implementation Program and start earning over ₦700k every month.

Step One: Open your browser (Chrome, Firefox or any other browser).

Step Two: Clear the cookies in your browser (VERY IMPORTANT: This is to ensure you do not miss out of my mouth-watering super exclusive bonuses PLUS my one-on-one guidance and mentorship worth over ₦600k).

For information on how to clear cookies in your browser, visit Google and type it in the search bar (for instance, to clear the cookies in your Chrome browser, type “how to clear cookies in chrome” and press enter). Use the information that is displayed in the Google search results to clear the cookies in your browser.

Step Three: After clearing the cookies, close and reopen your web browser.

Step Four: Order and make payment for the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator Training Program. You will get one year Expertnaire membership free – Value: ₦10,000. (PLEASE NOTE: If you go straight to the site to join, you will lose the Expertnaire free one year membership together with my juicy and mouth-watering super exclusive bonuses PLUS my one-on-one guidance and mentorship worth over ₦600k)

Click Here to Order the 72IG Implementation Program now.

Step Five: Send payment notification to and using the email with which you used to order the package

You will subsequently be registered on the Expertnaire platform as an affiliate within 48 hours of making payment for the program.

Step Six: Send your payment notification to me via phone call/sms/chat to 070 1866 5923 to help you follow up on your purchase – but just be sure that you bought the program through my affiliate link before contacting me. That is why it is very important for you to clear the cookies in your browser before making the purchase.

Step Seven: Request for your 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator Training Program Super Exclusive Bonuses worth over ₦600,000 from me (See the my personal bonuses that awaits you here).

Simply send your request to me on 070 1866 5923 after you have ordered and made payment for the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator Training Program.

Step Eight: “Unpack” your 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator Training Program plus your super exclusive bonuses and get to work right away.


I will guide you every step of the way to ensure you succeed very fast with affiliate marketing on the Expertnaire platform.

Can You Really Make Money From Expertnaire?

Becoming an affiliate marketer in Nigeria through the Expertnaire is easy. 

You simply go to, fill the form, make payment to bank to activate your membership and, voila!, you become an affiliate marketer with Expertnaire.

To make money on the platform, however, is a different ball game altogether.

While it is true that some affiliate marketers are making a whale of money on Expertnaire, some making as much as N1m every month, the vast majority are simply tagging along and not making much on the platform.

Check out some of those making money on Expertnaire below.

expertnaire affiliate marketing expertnaire affiliate marketing

expertnaire affiliate marketing expertnaire affiliate marketing

expertnaire affiliate marketing

how to join expertnaire

how to join expertnaire

Indeed, Expertnaire is fast growing to become the affiliate marketing platform of choice for many Nigerians. At present, there are over 10,000 affiliates on the platform. See the image below.

But take note that joining Expertnaire is not a guarantee that you will make money from the site if you do not have proper guidance from an expert in the field of selling affiliate products.

See what the owner of Expertnaire, Toyin Omotoso, has to say in this regard:

how to join expertnaire

There were about 1000 affiliates on the platform when Toyin Omotoso made that observation late 2020. That is about 1% of all the affiliate members on the platform as at that time.

The situation is not so much different even now that there are over 10,200 affiliates on the platform.

Only a few proportion of the affiliates are making money on the platform. The others are simply tagging along.

See the screenshots below for proof of this.

The first one below show someone who was asking for refund for the flimsy excuse that “his mum had a bad dream about the new Expertnaire business he wanted to start” and so he needed a refund of his money.

Just imagine that!

how to join expertnaire

Do you now see why you need a perfect guide for you to succeed and make money on Expertnaire? I am sure you do.

Here is what Mr. Toyin Omotoso has to say in this respect.

how to join expertnaire

The truth is that Expertnaire is NOT for everyone.

It is ONLY for you if you meet the following important criteria.

1. You are not desperate to make money.

2. You do not have a get-rich-quick mindset.

3. You are ready to learn and hungry for massive success.

But, there is a big BUT.

Even if you are not desperate to make money, have the right mindset and ready to learn and hungry for massive success, you still need one more thing.

And what’s that?

A mentor.

Someone who will be there for you 24/7 to help you reduce the learning curve and get you up to speed very fast.

how to join expertnaire

I will be that mentor for you.

But, there is a big BUT.

You MUST meet the above requirements, namely: you are not desperate to make money, have the right mindset and ready to learn and hungry for massive success.

Aside from being your mentor, you will also have instant access to my mind-blowing mouth-watering super exclusive bonuses worth over N600k for a limited time.

Click HERE to SEE all the wonderful GOODIES you will get when you join Expertnaire today through my affiliate link.

You will also get my round-the-clock 24/7 support for 90 days – when you order your package TODAY.

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