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If you are looking for fast selling products online in Nigeria, you are in the right place.

Fast selling products are products which are demanded by a lot of persons at the same time and the supply, on the other hand, is not adequate to meet their demand. Dealing in such products is the only way to set up a wildly profitable importation business in Nigeria.

Hence, in order for a product to qualify as “fast selling”, it must have the following characteristics:

  • It must solve many people’s problems
  • It must not be easily found everywhere
  • It must be unique and uncommon.

Once a product have the above three characteristics, it becomes a fast selling one. And you will have the freedom of setting your own price if you deal in them.

Hence, as a rule of thumb, never ever buy any product that a person can easily find in any shop around. That is why clothes and shoes are not much of a big deal because there are plenty alternatives in the market.

Some problems which a lot of persons face on a daily basis are as follows:

  • Stretch Marks
  • Snoring
  • Hair Loss
  • Toothache
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Small manhood
  • Acne or Face Pimples
  • Saggy Breasts
  • Belly Fat
  • Overweight
  • Mouth Odor

A product which addresses the problem of belly fat is the sweat belt. This product meets all three criteria of fast selling products online in Nigeria.

For instance, Sweat Belt is a hot selling product in Nigeria. This product is selling for N1,799 and above on Jumia and people are buying it like pure water.

Now, let’s visit the other websites and compare prices.  See the image below.

mini importation business in nigeria 2018

From the image above, you can see that the sweat belt is selling for:

On Alibaba, it is selling for $3.8 =  N1,406

On, Aliexpress, it is selling for $1.81 = N609.70

And on Amazon, the same product is selling for $21 = N7,770

Take note that those prices above are without shipping fees. So, you will need to include the shipping fees if you wish to buy it from any of them.

But, how much is the Sweat Belt on our little-known secret website?

The price of the Sweat Belt is ¥4.5

Check it out below.

what can i import from dubai to nigeria

We will be updating this page with other fast selling products soon. So, you want to bookmark this page so as to find it easily next time you visit.

Now, this symbol ¥ is pronounced yuan.

And it’s the China currency, currently at N57 per yuan.

So, it mean that the Sweat Belt is sold for N57 * 4.5.

And that amounts to N256.50

Is it not obvious that all the other sellers on Alibaba, Aliexpress, Amazon and even Jumia buy from this website, add their profit to it before selling on those other platforms?

Most certainly so!

They buy, then add their profit and sell…

You can adopt that same strategy too.

It invariably means that for you to succeed with the mini importation business, you must buy your products from this website too.

The last set of Sweat Belt Akingbesote Sunkanmi ordered, he bought them at N270 each. If you add shipping fees and waybill from Lagos down to Akure, the cost for each of them amounted to about N700.

And how much did he sell the Belts in Nigeria?

He sold them at the range of N3000, N3500, N4500, N4000 and N8000. And that’s because you can’t easily find them in the market in Nigeria and people need them.

Imagine that!

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