How to Become a Longrich Stockist in Nigeria

how to become a longrich stockist in nigeria
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This simple but concise article will explain the steps to take on “How to become a longrich stockist in Nigeria”.

Watch the video below to get an overview of what you stand to gain by joining Longrich today.

You’ll also learn about the benefits you get as a longrich stockist.

How to Become a Longrich Stockist

Which qualification should I have if I want to be a longrich stockist?
1) A valid and active longrich platinum VIP member.
2) Must have attained Diamond Four (4) and above.
3) Willing to work full time and has a team no less than 100 people.
4) Able to organize and conduct weekly meeting at Distribution Centre.
5) Have a business premise with minimum 50 sq meters (the higher your square meters, the higher your chances of becoming a Stockist)
6) Able to understand, write and preferably communicate in English.
7) Willing to attend Stockist Training / Meeting on date and venue scheduled periodically by the Company
8) The applicant must apply through a Diamond 6 distributor who would also be the guarantor to the applicant.

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If I meet all of the requirements above, what should I do ?
Download and print the Form which you can find in the attachment , fill the form neatly.
Then scan it and send to

which documents should I provide?
When we receive it, we’ll check whether you have the qualification to be a Stockist.
If you are qualified, we’ll call you to prepare the documents and we’ll inform you to buy goods.
(never buy goods until we permit you to do so, failure to comply will be on your own risk)

1.stockist agreement
2. a copy of your passport
3.2 copies of your picture
4.tenant agreement or certificate of title if you are the owner of the office’s photograph(Interior and Exterior view)

STEP 4: 
After I provide the documents, any others need I do?
You have two choices to buy goods
1、Transfer/Pay 1 million to our account to buy overturn goods and enjoy 30% discount,but no PV.
Send the details of payment to us.
2、If you want to get PV, you can buy 1 million retail orders, but no discount. When you finish, please let us know.

How do I select goods?
If you buy overturn goods order, give us a list of products of your choice which cash value amounts to N1,428,500.
If you buy retail orders, tell your stockist to help you.

When can I received my goods and stockist code?
If you buy overturn goods, after we received the list of goods, you can get the stockist code in one week and the overturns goods within two weeks.
If you buy retail orders, after your stockist confirm the orders, you can get the stockist code in one week and get goods from your stockist within two weeks.

Benefits of Becoming a Longrich Stockist in Nigeria or anywhere

  1. Whatever you invest, you get products of its equivalent and extra products as initial bonus.

  1. Your store becomes a point of registration and purchase of products for anyone.
  1. You earn extra 6% monthly on whatever your store sale out.
  1. You have an opportunity of recruiting 100 persons you wish and get them trained by the leaders of the company to help grow your network. This is quickest way to financial freedom in Network Marketing.
  1. Your Store automatically becomes a training centre for Longrich business and the training should hold weekly.
  1. There are Seven (7) *Diamond Rank* in Longrich, Coming in as a stockist makes you a Diamond 4. At Diamond 5, you are qualified for a car, Which is just a step ahead.
  1. You can decide to retail all the products and get your money back in full.

#This is Definitely one of the best ways to earn passive or residual income in Nigeria!

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That is it on “How to Become a Longrich Stockist in Nigeria“. Hope it helps.

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