How to Convince Someone to Join Network Marketing

how to convince someone to join network marketing business
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How Do I Get People To Sign Up Under Me?


How Do I Convince Someone To Join My Network Marketing Business?

Those are common questions people ask when you tell them to join your network marketing business.

Watch the brief video below to see how to convince someone to join network marketing business and sign up under you fast.

Frankly speaking, this has been the underlying fear of over 90% of people that said NO and continue to say NO to joining the network marketing business.

Well, the solution is simple.

It all boils down to 2, actually 3, simple things.

Take note though that network marketing professionals generally agree that out of every 10 persons you talk to, 9 will turn you down. Only 1 will say YES.

That is 10% positive response rate.

They equally agree that in a very worse case scenario, if you talk to 20 people, 19 of them will say no, while 1 will say YES.

That is 5% positive response.

It means for you to get 10 people into your team in a worse case scenario, you need to talk to 200 people.

To say the least, that huge rate of rejection is frightening and can be morally devastating for someone just starting out in the network marketing business.

I have been there. So I know how it feels like to be rejected 9 out of 10 times.

But …

What if there is a way to cut down the rate of rejection by half and increase the conversion rate to between 50% to 55% positive response rate?

It would be great, right?

That is a freaking 1 YES for every 2 people you talk to.

That is not great, but awesome!

And it is possible.

Like I said earlier, it all boils down to knowing just 3 things:

These 3 things are as follows:

1. Who To Meet

2. What To Say

3. How To Say It

Once you get those 3 things right, you will be amazed at the response rate you will get in your network marketing business.

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How to Convince Someone to Join Network Marketing

Here is how to convince someone to join network marketing business.

how to convince someone to join network marketing

Recently, I visited the Gas Shop where I normally refill my gas in town. While, the Shop Owner was filling the cylinder, the following conversation ensued:

Me: “Evans.” 

He replied: “Sir.”

Me: “Are you satisfied with this business?”

He replied: “No.”

Me: “So, if you discover another simple business that you can do without stress and without affecting this business that you are presently doing, would you be interested in it?”

The answer was immediate: “YES!” 

Then I went on to explain to him about my Longrich network marketing business and how it can transform his life within a year or two.

His response was electrifying and he was ready to sign up immediately. 

You can do the same thing too.

You will notice from the narration above that I did not visit the shop with the intention to prospect to him. I went to the shop with the sole aim of refilling my empty gas cylinder. 

So, I appeared to him, not as a salesman, but as someone who was offering him another lifeline opportunity to help him and his family overcome the harsh economic realities of our time.

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network marketing for beginners

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  • How to convince someone to join you ur network marketing business.
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  • Plus lots more

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