How to Grow Fast in Longrich

how to grow fast in longrich
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Join Our Longrich Global Achievers Team And We Will Help You Get Your 3 Downlines To Help You Grow Super Fast In Your Longrich Business!

This post will address how to grow fast in Longrich. It will equally address how to grow your Longrich business quickly without stress.

And it does not matter if you have been into network marketing for over 20 years or you are just starting out today in the network marketing business as a complete beginner.

As you have probably discovered by now, joining a network marketing company like Longrich is easy. You only need to select your desired products, make payment and – boom! – you are a network marketer.

But after that, what next?

Many network marketers simply do not have an idea how to continue. They soon find out that growing fast in the network marketing business is a different kettle of fish altogether and it is not as easy as they thought.

Take a look at the image below to see that getting downlines, referring or introducing people in network marketing is a major nightmare for many people.

how to grow fast in longrich


Therefore, it is to help as many existing and aspiring network marketers as possible to grow fast in their Longrich network marketing business that I have put up this post.

In a few minutes from now, i am going to show you how to grow fast in Longrich and how to get downlines on autopilot without any stress. Just be prepared to buy me a very chilled bottle of Heineken beer after you are done reading it. 馃檪

So, let’s get started right away.

How to Grow Fast in Longrich

how to grow fast in longrich

There are 3 major ways to grow fast in Longrich and they are as follows:

1. Join Our Fast-Moving Team

2. Duplicate Yourself

3. Upgrade yourself

Join Our Longrich Global Achievers Team

Joining a fast-moving team like ours (Global Achievers Team) is the surest and most guaranteed way to lay a solid foundation towards growing fast in Longrich.

Here is why.

This website – Internet Marketing Headquarters – is on the first page of Google for the following keywords.

how to register with longrich company – Number 10
how to register with longrich – Number 3
how can i register with longrich – Number 3
how do i register with longrich – Number 2

Check it out below

how to grow your longrich business

how to grow fast in longrich

how to grow in longrich business

how to grow in longrich business

Now, let me ask you the following question:

What does a person have in mind to accomplish when he or she types the following search terms in Google?

how do i register with longrich

how to register with longrich

how can i register with longrich

To register and join Longrich, abi?

From the above, you will notice that this website – Internet Marketing Headquarters Nigeria – is among the first 3 top websites for the keywords above.

So, what do you think will happen when the person clicks on this website’s link?

The person will land on the web page with information on how to register and join Longrich through my Global Achievers聽Team. Thereafter, my team members benefit from the spillovers resulting from those new registration through my website.

That is how to get your downlines with ease without you ever bugging and begging anybody to join you!

Want to get started and get your 3 downlines within the next 30 days? if so, click HERE to SEND ME A MESSAGE on Whatsapp right away!

Right now I am accepting to help at least 100 people out of the thousands of visitors to this website every month generate at least 5000 members and grow their Longrich business as quickly as possible. (See details about this special program below)

But, mind you, it is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.

So, you want to take action to be included right away.

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Duplicate Yourself

After joining our Global Achievers Team, you will need to duplicate yourself very quickly by bringing in your family members.


Duplicating yourself is a very easy way to create multiple stream of earnings from one single platform.

Wondering what that means? Alright, let’s turn to the Bible to give us a clearer understanding of what I mean here.

At 1 Samuel 1:1-5, the Bible says:

“Now there was a man of Ra路math路a使im-zo使phim* of the mountainous region of E使phra路im whose name was El路ka使nah, the son of Je路ro使ham, the son of E路li使hu, the son of To使hu, the son of Zuph, an E使phra路im路ite. He had two wives; one was named Han使nah, and the other was named Pe路nin使nah. Pe路nin使nah had children, but Han使nah had no children.”

“One day when El路ka使nah offered a sacrifice, he gave portions to his wife Pe路nin使nah as well as to all her sons and her daughters, but to Han使nah he gave a special portion, because Han使nah was the one he loved; but Jehovah had not given her children.”.

Though the Bible does not say how many children Pe路nin使nah had, it says she had “sons and daughters”. So, her children could not have been less than 4. It means that she and her children had at least 5 portions compared to that of Hannah which was just one “special portion”.

In your own opinion, which of the two is better?

One “special portion”.


5+ portions.

5+ portions, of course.

That is what you get when you bring in your family with you as you join Longrich through our Global Achievers Team. But if you are single, you can equally create multiple accounts to increase your earnings potential with the company.

Upgrade Yourself

Becoming a VIP member of Longrich is the ultimate goal you can attain in the Longrich network marketing business because it makes you a shareholder of the company.

Therefore, if you did not join Longrich with the highest entry level which is VIP, you will need to upgrade yourself to that level as quickly as possible.

Here are the benefits of becoming a VIP member of Longrich below.

1. Participation in 1% Global Sales Share

2. Become a Diamond 2 Rank Member instantly

3. Earn 12% Performance Bonus

4. Earn 15% Leadership Bonus

5. Earn 10% Development Bonus

Those are the juicy and mouth-watering benefits of VIP membership with Longrich.

So, you want to bear it in mind that your goal as you register and join Longrich is to become a VIP member of Longrich within the shortest time possible.

The Nightmare in Network Marketing

Longrich says:

“Use OUR highly effective world-class NAFDAC-approved top quality products, recruit 3 members into your team and recommend the products to your loved and others ones and you will get paid every week for life.”

That is the nightmare for many people – recruiting people or downlines into their team.

For instance, I registered and joined Longrich in October 2019. But I observed that, of all my team members, I was the only one who had my 3 legs complete in all my 3 accounts.

Do you not find that funny?

I find that ludicrous indeed.

One of the reasons is the fact that some people are introverts and find starting a conversation extremely difficult – especially where total strangers are concerned.

I also discovered that the problem was not peculiar with just my team members alone. It was a widespread problem everywhere I went in my network marketing recruiting campaigns. I would always get a “No” for an answer from virtually everybody.

So I decided to do something about it.聽I decided to help.

Over the last 30 days, I have been working on a project which I have tagged “PROJECT 5000”.

Introducing Kome Itoje’s Pet Project 5000…

how to grow my longrich business

What is PET PROJECT 5000?


Pet Project 5000 is Kome Itoje’s initiative at demystifying the network marketing business and making it as seamless and easily achievable as possible.

It is a complete system of downline recruitment and training in an AUTOLOOP using the power of social media marketing and the search engine as an effective conveyor belt to drive the entire system.

What Pet Project 5000 Will Do

The initiative will help aspiring network marketers globally and most especially in Nigeria achieve their goals of rapid duplication and faster growth in network marketing.

That is big grammar.

But let me break it down for you.

Since the common problem among many would-be network marketers is how to bring people, I have developed this rapid recruitment system where I help everyone interested to get downlines through my own spillovers and through their own personal efforts too.

It is code-named “PET PROJECT 5000 Rapid Prospects Recruitment & Training Program” because the goal and intention is to help at least 100 people out of my loyal subscribers generate at least 5000 members in their team within a short time.

Is that not ambitious?

Personally I do not think so.

If you have the right system in place, anything is possible.

And that system is “PET PROJECT 5000…”.

The Core Architecture of Pet Project 5000

Kome Itoje鈥檚 鈥淧et Project 5000 (#pp5k)鈥 has been designed to help aspiring network marketers overcome their fear of rejection in the recruitment process of downlines, thus helping them recruit downlines effortlessly on autopilot over and over again endlessly.

Everything has been provided to help enthusiastic network marketers who take advantage of this program succeed with network marketing FAST.

We have a fully-functional dedicated web page and sales funnel on our IM Headquarters Nigeria website complete with the following:

– A ready-made landing page

how to grow fast in longrich

– A ready-made lead capture page with sign up form

how to grow fast in longrich

– A ready-made downline recruitment process

how to grow your longrich business

– A ready-made ongoing daily trainings of prospects on an unending LOOP.

how to grow your longrich business

– Ready-made advert messages that you can COPY, EDIT and PASTE for running promotional campaigns on social media – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

how to grow my longrich business

Everything. Done. For. You.

This will allow everyone who join our network marketing team generate downlines almost effortlessly on autopilot.

Just imagine what this would mean for your Longrich network marketing business.

So, take advantage of it right away!

But, mind you, it is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.

Please note! 17 slots have been taken. 83 to go! See image below.

how to grow fast in longrich

So, you want to take action to be included right away.

Click HERE to CONTACT ME on Whatsapp to lock in your spot without delay!


That’s it.

That is how to grow FAST in Longrich.

If you would love to join our fast-moving Global Achievers Team so that we can help you get your 3 primary downlines and also help your 3 downlines get their own downlines, click HERE to Send Me a Message on Whatsapp right away.


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