How to Grow Your Network Marketing Business Quickly

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You may be new to multi-level marketing (MLM) and seeking information on how to grow your network marketing business quickly.

If that is the case, I am going to show you within the next few minutes 3 powerful pro tips to grow fast in network marketing business.

So, here we go.

How to Grow Your Network Marketing Business Quickly

How to Grow Your Network Marketing Business Quickly

The top 3 pro tips to grow your network marketing business faster are as follows:

1. Join the Right Network Marketing Company

You may be wondering to yourself: “What has this got to do with growing my network marketing business quickly? Are they not all the same?”

All network marketing companies are the same, right?


Network marketing companies are not all the same. There is a wrong and a right network marketing company.

Plain and simple.

Before I go info details, let me ask you the following question:

How to Grow Your Network Marketing Business Quickly*Birds have wings and they all fly in the sky, do they not? But, are they all the same?”

Of course not!

While all birds have wings and they all fly in the sky, that is where their similarities end. 

As you may well know, there are different varieties of birds. Some are small, while  some are bigger and more powerful than the others.

Now, you cannot compare a small bird like a dove with a very big bird like an eagle or a vulture.

How to Grow Your Network Marketing Business Quickly How to Grow Your Network Marketing Business Quickly

They certainly are not the same in terms of size, strength, capacity for long range sight, ability to travel long distance and the high altitudes that they can cover or fly in.

So too are network marketing companies.

Some are very small in size and scope, while others are big, strong and powerful.

Now, let me ask you the following question:

Which is better to do?

Option 1: Join a network marketing company that is small in size and operation, exert a lot of energy and effort over an entire lifetime and still not be able to generate enough income from the business to give you financial freedom.


Option 2: Join a big, strong and powerful network marketing company that is global in size, scope and operations, exert a fraction of your energy and effort in the business, make a lot of money and become financially free within 5 to 10 years time.

Obviously, option 2 is the better of the two options.

how to make money fast with longrich products

Now, you may be wondering:

“What are the factors to consider before joining a network marketing company?”

Factors to Consider Before Joining a Network Marketing Company

Some of the things that you need to seriously consider before joining any network marketing companies are as follows:

(i) How long have they been in operation?

(ii) How many countries do they operate in?

(iii) Do they manufacture their own products by themselves or is it done for them by other manufacturing companies?

(iv) How good is their compensation plan for their distributors and partners?

(v) Do they have top quality products which solve people’s problems?

(vi) Do they have daily consumables like toothpaste, bathing soap, body cream, roll-on, mouth freshener and others which people buy and use every single day of the week and through which you can generate rapid and faster residual income?

(vii) Do they flush the points of their partners/distributors and require them to start all over every month? 

(viii) Do they keep to obligation owed to all their stakeholders?

(ix) Do they have verifiable testimonies of the effectiveness and potency of their products as well as real-life people who have benefited financially from partnering with the company?

(x) Can a downline overtake his/her upline or is it a case of “monkey work, bamboo chop” whereby the downlines do all the work and the upline simply sit back and reap all the results by himself?

Those are very pertinent questions that you can use to conduct your research on the right, good or best network marketing company that you can partner with as a Nigerian.

But if you do not do this all-important research and simply join any network marketing company that catch your fancy, you may find yourself working for many years without seeing any tangible results for all your hard work.

And you will not find that funny at all.

To drive the point home, back in  August 2013 when Udeme Etibensi discovered and joined Longrich, she enthusiastically introduced the business opportunity to her retired civil servant mother, Pastor Catherine Ekoriko.

But rather than welcome the business opportunity with open arms, her mother gave her an unexpected stern lecture in network marketing as follows:

“Udeme this my pension is all I have, I am a widow and you know how it is. I don’t want to hear stories that touch-o. I’m only doing this to help you feed those boys. When I started network marketing you were not born. These things are pyramid and Ponzi schemes. THEY DON’T WORK!”

But after much persuasion, she overcame her fears and ended up becoming the 1st person to sign up on her daughter’s World Changers Team, a team that has grown to over 200,000 members in size.

And today, as they say, the rest is history.

How to Grow Your Network Marketing Business QuicklyHow to Grow Your Network Marketing Business Quickly

Madam Catherine Ekoriko is happy she made that decision back in 2013 as she has earned over N200m from the network marketing business from her small pension of N68,000 she invested in the business within a space of just 7 years.

7 short years.

Now, let me ask you the following question: Which is better to do?

Option 1: Join any network marketing company that catch your fancy and really work hard at it for over 30 years with nothing substantial to show for it and continue to struggle financially and end up concluding that “network marketing is pyramid and ponzi schemes. They don’t work!”.


Option 2: Join a big, strong and powerful network marketing with an attractive compensation plan for its members, really give it all you have and achieve your dream of financial freedom within 5 to 10 years’ time.

Option 2 is obviously the better of the two options.

Little wonder Warren Buffet, the 4th richest man in the world according to Forbes and regarded as “the best intelligent investor of the 20th century” by, constantly asks himself before investing his money in any business opportunity:

“What other thing could I be doing with this money? What other better investment could I be using this money for?”

Consequently, you need to imitate Warren Buffet in this regard. Do not just dump your money into any mlm business opportunity which come your way in the name of investment. You need to do your due diligence and research into the mlm opportunity and the network marketing company itself to see if it is worth your while.

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2. Join An Active Team of Network Marketers

It is not enough to join the right network marketing company. If you do not join a purposeful, result-oriented network marketing team that is very active and who go all out in their business, you will also not grow fast in network marketing.

Apart from being committed to their network marketing business 100%, a very active network marketing team will provide necessary guidance and training for all team members.

To drive the point home, let me tell you a little story.

Back in 2014, I had this neighbour who belonged to the Longrich network marketing company but I did not know about it until early 2020 when I met her to speak to her about the same company.

It was then that she told me that she joined the company 6 years earlier but could not continue because of lack of patronage and growth.

Therefore, she had to close shop because she could not sell her products and lots of them expired in her store.

Yet she failed to tell me about it even though we were neighbours and she had products that could have helped me overcome the health challenge I was having at that time.

She ended up blaming the company’s modus of operation and the environment she found herself. But she never blamed herself or the team she joined at that time.

Just imagine that!

But I put all that behind me and sat her down.

In less than 10 minutes, I opened her eyes to the wonderful benefits available to her by partnering with Longrich Bioscience International.

I narrated story after story of real-life people who were completely broke and had nothing to their name before they joined Longrich.

They were subsequently introduced to the company by someone and within 2 to 3 years time their life were completely transformed.

Charles Tambou was one of them.

Emmanuel Eterigho was another one.

Anthony Kanebi is another one.

And several others whose lives have been transformed completely within a short time of joining Longrich.

At the end of the discussion, she was struck speechless. When she eventually found her voice, she said: “I wonder how I can continue from where I stopped. I do not even remember my membership code”.

Do you now see why you need to join a very active team that would provide you with all the assistance you need to grow fast in your network marketing business very quickly?

I am sure you do.

3. Take Charge of Your Network Marketing Business

While it is very important to join an active network marketing team, you also need to take charge of your network marketing business in order to experience faster growth and build your network marketing business quickly.

To illustrate, assuming that you have a large portion of land that you would like to cultivate and you need to clear the land before planting your seeds. Clearing the piece of land alone will take you about 3 days of 8 hours work per day to finish clearing the land. Meanwhile, if you engage 4 other persons to assist you with clearing the land, it will take 5 of you about 6 hours to finish the job.

Now, tell me which is better.

Option 1: Clear the piece of land alone and spend 3 days doing the job and expend a lot of energy in the process.


Option 2: Engage 4 other persons to assist you do the job and finish it within 6 hours.

Option 2 is obviously the better of the 2 options.

That is why you need to take charge of your network marketing business right away immediately you join and not depend entirely on the support and spillover of downlines from your upline.

Network Marketing Strategies to Grow Fast

The difference between a successful network marketing business and an unsuccessful one is applying the right strategies.

So, what are the right strategies to apply to grow your network marketing business quickly?

Some of the strategies to use in building your network marketing business quickly are as follows:

1. Identify and attract people of like minds. As someone who is just starting out in your network marketing business, you need to fill up your team quickly with active members to drive and grow it fast.

One way to do this is to create a list of 100 people to approach with your network marketing business opportunity from your contact list. According to Lisa Grossman, the best approach is to request them to buy and test your product for the purpose of getting their feedback.

Once you have turned them to a satisfied customer, you can now graduate them to become one of your distributors. That way, you would have provided them with powerful insulation against rejections by those who do not understand the business or the company you represent.

Additionally, you also want to fill up your prospects list with your various connections at your work place, your school, your old boys association, your alumni, social club and even your church.

2. Provide support and adequate training for your team members. The importance of training cannot be over-emphasised because if you want your team members to perform well and excel, you need to provide guidance for your pack.

3. Provide leadership and be a good example to your team members. It is often said that your pack look at your feet and not your mouth. So if you want your team members to take their business seriously, they need to see you take yours seriously too.

My Personal Strategies for Faster Growth

The strategies I personally use to grow my network marketing business fast are as follows:

1. Recruit – get new members into my team as quickly as possible
2. Upgrade – keep moving from one entry level to another to boost my earnings potential and not remain stagnant in one entry level.
3. Duplicate – teach my team members to recruit and upgrade following my lead in both respects.

Network Marketing Recruiting Strategies

Becoming successful in growing your network marketing business quickly does not just happen overnight. It requires a whole lot of other strategies – like a box-full of strategies.

If I decide to teach it to you in person in a one-on-one training, it would take about 12 straight hours to exhaust them and we might still not be completely done. And it could fill a 217 page book if I decide to write about it…

Plus, I could charge 150,000 naira and you would be extremely happy you paid that amount after I expose you to them, step by step.

However, I have gathered the most important of these strategies that would help you grow faster and build your network marketing business quickly and compressed them into ONE solid powerful e-book.

The e-book is 55 pages long and it is titled “How to Recruit like a Pro (And Make a Whale of Moolar FAST!). See an image of the book below.

how to succeed in network marketing fast

You can get this e-book for free if you act fast and join my network marketing team right away. Mind you, I only have 20 copies of this e-book to give away for free.

READ MORE: How to Grow FAST in Network Marketing

So, that’s it.

That is how to build your network marketing business quickly.


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