How to Import Fast Selling T-Shirts with N1k or Less from China and Sell At N7k or Even More in Nigeria

how to import goods from china to nigeria
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So many students, teenagers and other Nigerians are looking for how to make money online in Nigeria with one thousand naira note.

Perhaps you are one of them. If so, today is your lucky day!

In this post, I am going to show you how to import one of the fastest selling products in Nigeria from China with less than N1k and sell at over N7k in Nigeria!

How to Import Fast Selling T-Shirts with N1k or Less from China and Sell At N7k or Even More in Nigeria

profitable importation business in nigeria

Do you love t-shirts – especially when worn on a pair of slacks or jeans? If so, I am glad to tell you that t-shirts is one of the fast selling products that can make you a millionaire in Nigeria within a very short time too.

And you do not even need a big capital for you to get started. You only need a few one thousand naira notes to get started.

Let me cite an example here.

Mr Tee got this lovely t-shirt for $5 and he was happy. Honestly, it was a beautiful t-shirt. You will fall in love with it at first sight yourself. Believe me.

Check out the image below.

fast selling products in nigeria

Here is what he had to say about the t-shirt below:

“I wanted to buy this nice t-shirt and some other t-shirts and the price of the shirts were $8.99. With my bargaining power, I was able to cut off some cool $$ from the price.

“So, I applied my discount getting tricks and I was able to buy this shirt for mere $5 (that is N1,825 at the exchange rate of N365 to the dollar).”

Of course, Mr. Tee was happy that he got a good bargain for his money which he spent to buy the t-shirt.

But, check out the price of the same T-shirt which Mr. Tee got for $5 from Aliexpress on the next image from our secret cheapest products importation website below.

how to make money online in nigeria with one thousand naira note

It is Y12.

Y is the Chinese currency spelt as Yuan.

The exchange rate of the yuan to the naira is N57 to Y1.

Multiply N57 by Y12 gives us


And that is the same T-shirt which Mr Tee purchased for N1,825 – a difference of about N1,200.

In other words, his N1,825 would have been able to purchase at least 2 of that t-shirt and he would still have change of N457 left.

And he would have been able to sell the t-shirt at between N2,500 and N3,000 in Nigeria and make over N2,000 per sale on the product.


There you have it.

That is proof that you can make money online in Nigeria with just one thousand naira note.

And that is the beauty of this wonderful business which only few people know about!

Quick Tip About the Importation Business

Here is a quick tip about the online mini importation business in Nigeria:

If you plan to start a profitable importation business by importing items to sell in Nigeria, my advice to you is for you to import SMALL and LIGHTWEIGHT products. Also, select the supplier with the BEST REPUTATION and LOWEST PRICE to derive the maximum profit from selling quality products with ZERO returns from your customers.

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how to import goods from china to nigeria

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