How to Start Longrich Business

how to start longrich business
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If you would like to register and join Longrich but need to know how to start Longrich business in Nigeria, you are in the right place.

This post will teach you everything you need to know about starting your Longrich business in Nigeria within the next few minutes.

You can also reach out to me on any area that you need clarification on after reading this post. Simply call/whatsapp me on 07018665923.

How to Start Longrich Business

Let us get into it right away.

But first, watch the video below to learn the background information on how to start Longrich business in Nigeria without leaving the comfort of your home.

Here is a summary of what the the video How to Start Longrich Business in Nigeria is all about.

Step One: Indicate your interest to join Longrich by calling or sending a message to +2347018665923

OR Click HERE to send a chat message on Whatsapp.

Step Two: Choose your Entry Levels from Q-Silver, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum VIP.

Step Three: Select your Longrich products from the products catalogue and updated 2020 price list.

Step Four: Make payment of the full amount to bank.

Step Five: Send payment proof (screenshot of transaction successful page/debit alert or photographed bank teller) to Kome on +2347018665923.

Step Six: Get registration details from Kome after you have been registered as well as information on how to collect your products from a Longrich stockist near where you reside in Nigeria.

Step Seven: Introduce 3 persons to join your Longrich business and teach them to duplicate and replicate exactly what you have done.

That’s it.

That is how to start Longrich business in Nigeria.

If you have questions or need clarification on any of the areas of how to start Longrich business in Nigeria, please get in touch with me on my personal mobile: 07018665923.

One Last Thing

I have even made it easier and lazier for you!

You can join Longrich and succeed faster in Longrich even if you are an introvert and cannot talk to anyone or bring people to join your team.

Here is how.

If you join my vibrant team of Longrich business network marketers right away, I will do the whole dirty work for you.

I will bring your 3 people for you. I will also bring the 3 people of your 3 people for you. I will bring yet another 3 people for those people and keep bringing 3 people for everyone in your team continuously until you have at least 5,000 people in your team.

I will even do better than that.

I am completely grounded in network marketing prospects recruiting strategies. Therefore, if you join my team, I will teach you the strategies which I personally use to get results to help you grow your team faster.

I will also train everyone in your team on the basics of succeeding fast with their Longrich business while you sit down and simply watch me perform magic with your Longrich business while you leverage on my wealth of experience and expertise in network marketing.

That can only mean one thing for your Longrich business: RAPID and FASTER DUPLICATION for your network marketing business.

How to get in?


All you need to do right away to qualify is indicate your interest to join my team without delay and I assure you that you will be on a collision course with success right away.

Now here comes the BAD NEWS.

Take note that I am only doing this for the first 100 persons to join my team. And right now, I already have 30 persons in my team. See the images below.

how to start longrich business

how to start longrich business

So, if you join my team now, you will become NUMBER 31.

But if you close this page and wait for another one week to join, do not be surprised to see that 20 other persons have joined my team.

By then you will have no option but become NUMBER 51, And I know you will not like that. So, get in right away.

For your information, it is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.

Just imagine that you were the first person to join my team a few weeks ago when I got started with my Longrich business. By now you would have gotten at least 12 persons in your team.

How cool is that?

Now you have lost that opportunity.

But, if you delay further, you will end up delaying your chance of succeeding with your Longrich network marketing business. That is why you need to join my vibrant Longrich network marketing team right away.

how to start longrich business

Join my team right away and get started with your Longrich business without delay.

Send a message right away to me on 2347018665923.

I am waiting to guide you to the TOP.

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