Latest Update on Success Adegor

latest update on success adegor
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Here is the latest update on Success Adegor, the little girl who was chased away from school for not paying her school fees.

But, first, please watch this report by RootsTV Nigeria for a background perspective on the matter.

Since that video went viral on social media, the story has elicited a lot of positive responses from concerned Nigerians who has made various financial contributions towards the education of little Miss Success Adegor.

However, the story took a remarkable twist when Stephanie Idolor, the lady who shot the video of Success started requesting for financial appreciation too from the parents of little Miss Success.

Now here is what a Facebook user posted concerning the lady who shot the video.

“Stephanie Idolor Is A Big Liar and A Manipulator, Mama Success has Given Her N470,000, irrespective of the fact that Stephanie initially only made the video to mock mama success, and her entire Family, she wasn’t even the one that sent it to bloggers, it was her friend that resides in Asaba “Joyce Imofen” who took it from Stephanies WhatsApp and posted on IG”- Journalist Samuel Khalil Fumes set to post Evidence!!!”

Corroborating the story above, The Republican News on Facebook, wrote under the following title: “THE STEPHANIE IDOLOR AND SUCCESS MOTHER’S STORY; A case Of Greed Taken Too Far..”

“Yesterday, I made a post accusing Success parents of being too greedy not to have accorded what belongs to Stephanie “the girl that did the recording” to her. Being that we all are Sapele people, I got a call from someone who is a close associate and a family friend to Success and her parents, and who also has been an integral part of the success story. He came to my place, we spoke and took me to success mother.

“Unknowing to me that, Stephanie Idolor whom i was also agitiating for to be compensated had done a VIDEO with a Punch Reporter Theophilus Onojoghen who is also my very good friend, complaining to the world that she hadn’t gotten any financial gratification from success’ parents. Narrating her ordeal, Mama Success said and i quote with whatsapp chat evidence, we have so far Given Stephanie N570,000, Stephanie only made the video to mock my daughter and myself, she wasn’t even the one that sent to instablog, it was her friend that resides in Asaba a Certain “Joyce Imofen” whom she sent it to, was the person responsible for the VIRAL VIDEO.”

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“First, when Joyce posted the video on Instagram (Stephanie’s Friend in Asaba) concerned Nigerians showed interest in supporting Little Success, and some requested Joyce account number, she gave, and the total money she received almost immediately was 70K, not knowing success parents, she called her friend, Stephanie to send her account number, which she did, she transferred the money so Steph could give it to Success mother, to her greatest Surprise, Steph Ate the money and gave success mother nothing. So, Joyce opted to speak with Sucess mother, because she had become the center of all eyes on Instagram. She got the account number from her friend and established a relationship with Mama Success.

“Now, when Nigerians started appreciating success financially directly, Stephanie became Jealous and angry and trouble ensued with success parents. She began to make outrageous demands that she had to ask Mama success to take her to ECO BANK BOYO ROAD, sapele, so that she could see how much was inside Mama Success’s bank account, so they could give her, her share, Success mother being an ignorant woman took her there and discovered that about 700K had been paid, she withdrew 400K and gave to Stephanie, reason being that Steph had said the people involved in making the story go viral were so much and she had had to settle everyone person involved. This time, she took the 400K and didn’t give the girl (Joyce) who blew the video 1 KOBO.

“She kept making demands, that at a point, she went to ECOBANK to demand the statement of account of mama success but the bank refused; when she discovered that the bank wouldn’t oblige, she went to mama success took her to the bank and almost forced her to open a JOINT ACCOUNT with baby Success so she could CONTROL EVERYTHING.”

“At this point, she and her sister had gone to fight with Success mother and father demanding they open the joint account with Success, but the parents refused, saying things they get was to take care of Success and not to be shared after giving you so much, that Chairman of Sapele LOCAL Government advised her against it and promised to give Stephanie a job. When this didn’t work, she granted an interview with Punch accusing Success mother of not being appreciative.”

Just imagine that!!!

“Now my question is, Stephanie has been collecting so much from spirited Nigerians, she has not given a dime to Success, but wants to share everything that comes to success with her.

“Deputy Speaker of DELTA STATE house of Assembly gave her 500K she didnt give success a kobo, daddy Showkey raised funds for her, she didnt give Success a dime, but wants every part of success share. If this isnt GREED, what else is it? Ok! What is JOYCE share, the girl who took the video to instablog and other social media influencers? Nothing?”

—Joyce (Stephanie’s friend)

Source: The Republican News

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