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longrich company
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Longrich Network Marketing Business

Welcome to Longrich network marketing business expose. In this post we shall be considering the Longrich company background, as well as their investment plan and packages.

Longrich Company

Before going into the Longrich Investment Plan and Packages, let us have a little background information about the global network marketing brand known as Longrich Bioscience International.

About Longrich Bioscience International

longrich company

Longrich Bioscience International is a 34 years old manufacturing company with presence in 190 countries of the world.

Beside the traditional sales and direct sales marketing approach, Longrich also have proven experience in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and ODM (Original Design manufacturing).

Presently, Longrich has 8 world-class laboratories, research and development centers and factories located in USA, Japan, France, China and other countries.

The 9th world-class 4.0 Research and Development (R & D) manufacturing factory is located at Ibeju-Lekki Free Trade Zone, Lagos. The $100m facility spans an area of 40,000 square meters of land.

When operational, the 9th Longrich R & D manufacturing factory in Nigeria will serve the whole of Africa and even beyond. Some of the benefits of locating this factory in Nigeria are as follows:

  • Longrich Nigeria will start exporting their natural and organic products to other African countries once production commence at the factory.
  • It will increase the GDP of Nigeria and have a positive impact on the economy of Africa as a whole.
  • The Longrich research facility will create employment for 500 to 1,000 Nigerians when it becomes operational.

Longrich also plans to build a city in the Free Trade Zone in Lagos that will be called “The Longrich Beautiful Town” and all Star Directors of Longrich in Nigeria will each have a house at the place.

Take a look at some pictures of this ultra-modern research and development facility of Longrich Bioscience International below.

longrich investment plan

longrich investment plan

longrich investment plan

longrich investment plan

Those are the images of Longrich’s Research & Development Factory located at Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos state, Nigeria.

It is completely ready and operations has been scheduled to kick-off in September 2020.

Longrich’s range of high-quality natural and organic products will soon be produced in Nigeria and exported to African countries.

Longrich is certified with ISO 9001 (International Quality System) and ISO 14001 (International Environmental Protection System).

Longrich major OEM Clients & Partners:

longrich investment plan

Longrich is advancing the values of Chinese traditional culture of excellent health care and beauty by creating a harmonious happy and healthy lifestyle and providing a lucrative incentive brand programme as well as a well-organized training system.

Longrich is also aggressively recruiting top talents from all over the world to ensure her vision of becoming one of the leading companies in the global industry of beauty & health care is effectively achieved.

One of the ambitious goals of Longrich as revealed by Longrich chairman is to see that Longrich provide each of us not only with the chance to live in a harmonious and healthy environment but also to build a successful business too.

Now we come to the awesome Longrich business compensation plan.

Longrich Investment Plan

Longrich is comparable to a shopping mall the likes of Shoprite, Justrite, etc.

However, in Shoprite you do not get paid a dime from them whether you refer 1000 or 1million people to their businesses. But that’s not the case with Longrich.

Longrich says use our products, invite others to do the same and get paid weekly.

Which company does that?

For instance, in Shoprite you go there to buy your daily consumables like toothpaste, soaps, cream, roll on etc and, after buying, Shoprite tells you thank you and come again soon.

But in longrich, when you shop with us, we give you a special code and tell you, help us tell your friends, family, colleague to come shop with us, and each time they do, Longrich appreciates your effort for telling these people about our shop by paying you bonuses EVERY WEEK.

If Shoprite was paying us each time we shopped with them and refer others there, you can imagine how much we all would be making, because we’ll gladly tell anyone who cares to listen what Shoprite is doing.

3 Different Ways to Partner with Longrich


Longrich Customers are in love with her products for its quality and efficacy which shows in the bulk of testimonies coming from all over the world on a regular basis!

They register and get their personal membership code just to be able to get our amazing products for their personal needs directly from the company at distributors price whenever and wherever they are.

Buying from the supermarket is good but buying directly from Longrich and obtaining your own SPECIAL CODE is better for the following reasons:

1. Longrich products are organic and natural
2. Longrich products have no side effects
3. You are guaranteed protection from viruses & bacteria
4. You achieve maximum health for your family
5. You accumulate loyalty points.
6. Your loyalty points could accumulate and earn you car funds, trips, scholarships and even shareholding
7. You Get Paid in 9 Different Ways


1. Wealth creation via Team leverage

2. No time frame (No Pressure)

3. No compulsory monthly purchases (Target)

4. Weekly bonus payment {Green Thursday}

5. Grow at your own pace

6. No flushing of points. Unlimited accumulation of bonus points

7. Leadership easily achievable

8. You qualify for University & Executive MBA scholarship abroad

9. You qualify for all-expense paid yearly trips abroad

10. You qualify for car awards yearly

11. You qualify for 25 million naira House Award

12. You become a director in our multinational company

13. You enjoy total well being

14. It can be willed to your next generation.


All you need simply need to do is go through the list of products that Longrich have and select the products your household would need and buy them JUST ONCE.

You do not have to buy again for life.

In other words, you are converting your expenses which is simply a LIABILITY to an ASSET by switching your brand. As simple as that.

Take a look at the image below to understand what I am talking about.

longrich investment plan

After you have converted your household expenses into a profit generating business, simply share the opportunity with maximum of 3 friends, family members or colleagues who will in turn switch their brand and you will automatically start enjoying weekly bonuses FOR LIFE.

If you build a large team of Longrich product users, you will earn more and continue to grow in the business to a level that you will begin to qualify for all-expenses paid trips to different countries of the world 4 times a year. 

You will also qualify for Car funds too, as well as a 25 Million Naira house fund, plus other VIP incentives like two free scholarships for your kids/siblings and your Masters degree program in USA.

Longrich Packages

Here are the entry levels / Longrich packages below. 

Longrich Entry Levels (Nigeria)

1) VIP -1680 PVs (Purchase value/Points value) –
N750,000 (earn 1% share of global sales from 190 countries where Longrich operates) + 12% weekly bonus!

2) PLATINUM – 720PVs –
N320,000 (earns 12% weekly bonus)

3) GOLD – 240PVs –
N104,000 – (earns 10% weekly bonus)

4) SILVER – 120PVs
N52,000 (earns 8% weekly bonus)

N41,000 (earns 8% weekly bonus, save N4,600 and earn N8,000 when you refer a new member with the FRP package)

N25,700 (earns 8% weekly bonus)

7) Starter Combo package – 4PVs
N10,050 (earn on every starter combo referral)

8) Become a Longrich stockist (Major distributor)
N3,075,000 – Junior Stockist (get paid by Longrich 4% of every sale made in your shop)
N7,700,000 – Senior Stockist (get paid by Longrich 6% of every sale made in your shop)

How to Become a Longrich Partner/Member 

Here are the steps required to become a Longrich partner/member below.

Step One: Select Your Entry Level

To start the registration process of becoming a Longrich member/partner, you will need to select your entry level – Starter Combo (N10,050), Q-Silver (N25,100), Fast Rich Pack (N41,000), Silver (N52,000), Gold (N104,000), Platinum (N320,000) and Platinum VIP (N750,000).

Step Two: Select Your Products

The next step is to select various Longrich products up to the amount of the entry level of your choice.

Step Three: Make Payment to Bank

The third step is to make payment to the tune of the exact amount corresponding to the entry level that you have chosen using the Longrich official bank account in Nigeria that is shown below. 
Acct Name: Longliqi Int’l Nig
Acct No: 1012908177
Bank: Zenith Bank
Send me your evidence of payment and let’s proceed with your registeration immediately.

Step Four: Send Your Payment Details for Registration

After you have made payment to bank, screenshot the transfer successful page or your alert message for the transaction and send it to me to get you registered.

I will help you complete the registration form in order to join Longrich and become a partner/member.

Click HERE to CONTACT ME on Whatsapp to help you get started with the process right away. But ensure you have made payment before contacting me on Whatsapp.

Longrich Compensation Plan

There are 10 Ways to earn income in Longrich International and they are as follows:


3. LEADERSHIP BONUS (10%- 45%)

5. SPONSOR/REFERRAL BONUSES: This varies according to country

Fast Rich Pack bonus
Mini Combo Bonus
Starter Combo Bonus

Rich pack bonus

Starter bonus


6. VIP INCENTIVE (1% Monthly Global sales) shared amongst ACTIVE VIP members.

7. WORLDWIDE INCENTIVE (2.5% Monthly Global sales)

1% TRAVEL- D4 and Above
1% CAR – D6 and Above
0.5% HOUSE – D7 and Above

8. STAR DIRECTOR INCENTIVE (1% Monthly global sales)

Shared amongst Star Directors according to ranking and accrued monthly.

SD5- 0.05%
SD4- 0.10%
SD3- 0.20%
SD2- 0.35%

9. SCHOLARSHIP- D7 and SD partners are entitled to nominate themselves or anybody of their choice to do a degree program at Soochow University China. 
The mainstream bonuses are same worldwide while Sponsor/referral bonuses vary country by country
PB is Usually the biggest of the 4 mainstream bonuses, it is paid WEEKLY according to member’s entry level.
– VIP or PLATINUIM members earn 12%
– GOLD members 10%
How is Performance Bonus calculated?
PB are paid on the total PVs generated on the bonus legs per week. 
BONUS LEGS are the 2 legs of of member’s 3 legs with the least CUMULATIVE PVs (all accumulated PVs from member’s downlines)
*Pls note that bonus legs are not the legs that recorded the lowest pvs for the week, rather all PVs accumulated from members downlines from day 1*
You are paid PB on total PVs generated by the 2 bonus legs (legs with the least accumulated PVs) weekly till infinity.
Mr Cosmos, a VIP member, generated the following PVs in a week…
Leg A, 6000PVs
Leg B, 5000PVs
Leg C, 2000PVs
Calculate Performance Bonus
(Assume legs A & C are his bonus legs)
6000 +2000 = 8000 x12% = 960$
For that week, Mr Cosmos will earn $960.
This amount is converted   to the local currency by Longrich’s prevailing exchange rate and credited to his local bank account.
for Nigeria $960 x N200= N192,000.
Here we assumed that legs A and C are bonus legs, meaning leg B is his big leg. 
PB is paid on bonus legs.  
It is possible for one or two of the bonus legs to generate higher PVs than the big leg in a week. 
Most partners erroneously assume that the big leg is the leg that generates the highest PV in a week, *NO*. 
The Big leg is the leg that has the highest CUMULATIVE PVs till date
There are always 2 bonus legs, if only one of your bonus legs generates PV in a week, you will still get paid. 
*This reminds me of another erroneous believe that performance bonus can only be paid when you have activity on 2 legs.
You will still be paid PB if you have activity on only 1 of your 2 bonus leg.
You must have at least 2 legs to earn PB… there must be a big leg and at least one bonus leg.
A big leg can become bonus leg anytime depending in the downlines under it and vice versa.
Analysis of our bonuses is shown at the backoffice, most people don’t know. When you log into your personal backoffice, click on Commission under Commission.
To check system calculation of your PB, under Commission, click on Commissions Report, then BONUS SEARCH, then PERFORMANCE BONUSon the right hand side input year (eg ‘2018’ and week eg ‘201810’) then click on Check
Your PB calculation will upload.
The Performance bonus calculation emphasises the importance of LEG BALANCING* and UPGRADE.
I beg of us, we can come in at any level but let’s not remain at Silver and Gold levels for too long. You loose 4% and 2% respectively every week as you earn 8% and 10% on same volume you would have earned 12%. 
Increase your earnings Potential by UPGRADING to Platinum and VIP as fast as possible.
Also enhance your earnings by balancing your legs (spreading out people on your 3 legs). Spread out active people on different legs as they join. 
Balancing of legs is achieved through proper PLACEMENT at the point of new member registrations.

Longrich Organization Structure

Every organization that must grow need to have ranks and a proper structure. Longrich is no exception in this regard.


Ranks Group PV required
💎1 diamond- 720
💎💎2 diamond- 1,680
💎💎💎3 diamond- 3,600
💎💎💎💎4 diamond- 15,000
💎💎💎💎💎5 diamond- 75,000
💎💎💎💎💎💎6 diamond- 225,000
💎💎💎💎💎💎💎7 Diamond- 450,000

🌟1 Star director- 1,500,000
🌟🌟2 Star director- 3,750,000
🌟🌟🌟3 Star director- 9,000,000
🌟🌟🌟🌟4 Star director- 20,000,000
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟5 Star director- 60,000,000

Rank Requirements:
💎1 diamonds Nil
💎2 diamonds. Nil
💎3 diamonds. 2 diamonds on any 2 legs
💎4 diamonds. 3 diamonds on any 2 legs
💎5 diamonds. 4 diamonds on any 2 legs
💎6 diamonds. 5 diamonds on any 2 legs
💎7 diamonds. 5 diamonds on the 3 legs
🌟1 Star director. 6 diamonds on the 3 le…

Summary of Longrich Business Model

Our business model says, switch your brand…. switch from sub-standard and unhealthy products to better quality products manufactured by a 34 years old global manufacturing company called LONGRICH.

Aside from this, all you need do is to encourage friends, colleagues and family members to change their lifestyle to a healthier one as well.

When you buy and use LONGRICH products, you  can also share the good news with others. We work with you as a team to do this, you could also link us to your contacts and we do that for you as your team leaders.

But the good thing is that as they switch their brand and use LONGRICH products getting value for their money, you will also get your fair share of profit based on the brand they switched to using your membership code directly or indirectly

Now imagine the following…

A toothpaste that can cure tooth ache, mouth odour, fills hole in the teeth, etc.

A pant liner that eliminates 99.9% infection and bacteria in both men and women.

A sanitary napkin that eliminates infection, stops cramps, hold over 250ml of blood flow.

A cup that converts your water from acidic (reduces immunity) to alkaline (increases immunity).

A cooking pot that keeps your food alkaline and retains nutrients for 2 whole weeks.

A shoe that energizes you and helps you recover from stroke, etc.

A natural antibiotic that helps you fight diseases, terminal ailments & boosts your immunity.

A soap that clears any kind of skin infection or body odour.

A deodorant that eliminates bad body odour and keeps you dry.


That’s it.

That is an overview of the Longrich Company, Investment Plan and Packages.

I hope you found it interesting.

Please leave a comment below to let me know what you think about Longrich and its business compensation plan, bonuses and incentives.

If you would love to join our fast-moving Global Achievers Team so that we can help you get your 3 primary downlines and also help your 3 downlines get their own downlines, click HERE to Send Me a Message on Whatsapp right away.

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