Longrich Nigeria: Special Invitation to the 7th Year Anniversary

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If you reside in Lagos or its surroundings, here is an event you must not miss!

7th Year Anniversary of Longrich International


This is a special invitation to attend the 7th Year Anniversary of Longrich Nigeria.

This special event has been scheduled to hold as follows:

Special Event: The 7th Year Anniversary of Longrich (Bioscience International) Nigeria

Date: Saturday, 9th November, 2019

Venue: Convention Hall, Eko Hotel

Time: 10am

See details in the flyer below.

longrich anniversary

Why You Must Attend Longrich Anniversary

Here is why you must attend the Longrich Eko event with at least three members of your team.

When I attended my first major event last year with Longrich I saw people who went from nothing to something. People sharing their testimonies of how they made it in Longrich. One that caught my attention was a lady who collected a check of N45,000,000… That moment I said to myself these people are not better than me. As long as they can make it in Longrich I can make it too. The event ignited the fire in me. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 The friends I invited to the event majority of them are taking their business very serious. – a Longrich Team Leader

Events are powerful tools to build your business. It brings out the leadership qualities in your team members and make them to take responsibility over their business.

In Longrich, you need your three legs to rank up, qualify for trips and other incentives. Select key people from these legs and make sure they attend the event in Lagos this weekend. Your business will never be the same again. Believe me.

What is Longrich?

Hearing about Longrich for the first time and do not know what it is all about? Well, Longrich is a non-governmental international manufacturing company that has taken the world by storm. Watch the short video below for background information of what Longrich is all about.

Here is another video with greater insight on what Longrich business is all about.

Were you able to watch the video above? If you were not to able to do so, no problem. Continue reading to discover how you can profit greatly from this wonderful global brand known as Longrich.

Honestly speaking, Longrich is the biggest manufacturing multinational company in the whole of Asia that has been in the business for over 34 years now. They have their headquarters in China and branch offices in over 190 countries of the world spanning USA, UK, EUROPE, ASIA, AFRICA, etc.

READ MORE: How Do I Register With Longrich?

So, what does Longrich produce as a manufacturing company?

Longrich is into the business of production of different household, consumer and health products. They produce under OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) for top companies like TESCO, GSK, UNILEVER, MARKS & SPENCER, ELIZABETH ARDEN, AVON, ESTEE LAUDER, WALMART, CARREFOUR and lots more.

As a matter of fact, they produce for most of the big pharmaceutical brands here in Nigeria.

• Longrich manufactures Sensodyne toothpaste for GSK,
• Antibacterial Soap for Avon,
• Furniture for Walmart,
• Home care and Personal kits for Tesco,
• Shoes for Adidas, and so on.

Longrich is ISO and NAFDAC certified and has been a household and skin care manufacturing business platform for over 25 years before venturing into the multilevel marketing business (MLM) Industry which is a noble profession just like any other – Architecture, Medicine, Teaching, etc.

The Company has 8 world class Research Institutes in China, USA, Japan and France. And now, the management of Longrich is adding Nigeria to the list of locations for world-class factories across the globe. 

As a matter of fact, heavy construction work is currently ongoing at the proposed Longrich world-class research and development centre and Longrich Bioscience laboratory where quality products will be researched, analysed and certified for quality consumable products in Ibeju Lekki free trade zone, Lagos.

Despite the pockets of strife here and there, with events such as these happening in the country, isn’t Nigeria blessed? And does it not make you proud to be a Nigerian?

Longrich is presently 7 years in Nigeria and the 7th year anniversary promises to be a bomb. So, you do not want to miss it for anything in the world!

Finally, here is an opportunity to rewrite your financial story for the better in the year 2020 and beyond. Do not be left behind!


If you were born poor, it is not your fault. But if you die poor, it is YOUR FAULT!

John Sculley said: “The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.”

Longrich International has come to stay.

how do i register with longrich

Longrich International is going viral.

Longrich International is taking over the world.

Please and please, don’t be left behind.

Do not be the one to be told but be the one to tell.

The only thing you can do to bless your generation today is to take action without delay. Indeed, the world is ruled by people who take action. So, you do not want to be a relic of the forgotten past.

Take action today and your financial destiny will not be the same again. Believe me.

I want to see you in Bahamas where we shall have our dinner together.

Click HERE to LEARN MORE about Longrich.


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