Longrich Review – Scam or Legit?

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You may have come across screaming headlines like the one below while searching for Longrich latest news on Google.

“Longrich denies operating as a pyramid scheme – The Namibian”

“Central Bank declares Longrich an illegal financial scheme …”

“Representative scamming people off their money | Longrich …”

With screaming headlines like the ones above, it is not surprising that you will ask the following questions:

How do people make money from Longrich or is it a scam?

How genuine is the Longrich company?”

“Is Longrich International Group a genuine company?”

That is precisely what you are about to find out in this article about Longrich Bioscience. So, let’s get started right away…

Is Longrich a scam?

No, Longrich Bioscience is not a scam, neither is it a pyramid scheme. It is a legitimate company that offers nutritional supplements, cosmetics, and hygiene products. The company is based in China where all of its products are manufactured.

From information gathered from the internet, Longrich has laboratories in China, as well as in Japan and the United States. Apart from China and some countries in Southeast Asia, Longrich BioScience products are also sold in some countries in Africa, the Middle East, Oceana, and Europe.

Although its business model is network (MLM) marketing, it is not a pyramid scheme. It has a lot of products that independent associates can sell, and resellers are not compelled to buy a lot of the products to climb the ranks.

Longrich BioScience has been around since 1985, and the company seems to be doing very well in the Chinese market.

But according to Mr Chanda, “The same, however, cannot be said of the international market. It is virtually unknown in the States and other Western countries. Its presence in its neighbor, Southeast Asia, is also weak.”

Longrich BioSciences production is valued at ¥500 million, but that doesn’t mean you’ll immediately get a slice of that pie once you become one of its resellers. Your success as a reseller will depend on the types of products you’ll be selling and whether they are affordable or not. Your personality, experience in sales, and skills will also be a large determiner to your success in MLM.

How do people make money from Longrich?

So, if Longrich is not a scam, how do  people make money from Longrich?

Longrich Bioscience has provided interested individuals the opportunity to make money on their platform. Here is how to make money with Longrich.

Registration with Longrich is free but you will need to choose an entry level and purchase Longrich  products to the amount of the entry point you have chosen. You make money from Longrich when

  • You resell the Longrich products at a profit
  • You get paid a percentage commission of your team’s purchases
  • You get paid a percentage of the global sales in over 100 countries depending on your level

Those are the 3 major ways you can make money with Longrich Bioscience. Watch the video below to learn more about the wonderful incentives and investment plan of this awesome network.

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Below are some frequently asked questions about the Longrich Investment plan and packages.

Frequently Asked Questions About Longrich

Here are some frequently asked questions about Longrich below.

Do we have products in Longrich?

There are a wild range of products. The Longrich products are quality, affordable and effective supplements, skin and beauty care, toiletries, weight loss products, energy products, etc.

How do I join the business?

Send your details for registration and pay the exact amount of your entry level into Longrich bank account. To join, simply buy products of the entry level you have chosen as registration is free.

What do I get for introducing a new member?

You get PVs which are points values that you accumulate for buying every single products and  you will move ranks in the business and you will also receive different bonuses on the same PVs.

Do I have to sell to get paid?

Selling is not compulsory, You can use the products with your family  members and loved ones or sell them if you want and get your money back. You can also buy again and upgrade your entry level to VIP stage. If you were unable to start big as a VIP.

What do I do after buying my stock or registration?

Recruit 3 members and teach them to do the same.

What if I recruit more than 3 members?

You will register only 3 people under you and the remaining people you decide where to place them under your first 3 downlines/legs to support their growth which helps you to grow too.

Secondly, you also get (point value) PVs when your downliners joins under you. What they get you also get it.  Your entry level determines the % of earnings you get from activities of people under you.  That’s why its imperative you talk to people passionately about your business and pray until they partner with you to drive it.

What are the Entry levels?

Main Entry levels are as follows:

1) VIP 
12% Weekly bonus + 1% global sales sharing
1680pv = N750,000

12% Weekly bonus
720pv = N320,000

10% Weekly bonus
240pv = N130,000

8% Weekly bonus
120pv = N75,000

8% Weekly bonus
60pv = N40,000

They also have bonus entry level and Student pack too.

When does Longrich pay or when will I start earning?

Three weeks or 3 Thursdays after you sign up, all the activity you achieved will be paid based on the entry level you came in with and every bonus is  paid every Thursday without any restrictions.

What do I get except weekly bonuses?

You will qualify for incentives through the points you have.

What are the incentives?

up to 4  free international trips per year. AMERICA, DUBAI, Mother town CHINA, AFRICAN COUNTRIES.

  • A brand new car yearly
  • House Fund of N25M
  • Scholarship Incentive for degree program in China
  • Executive MBA in Regis University, Denver, Colorado

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