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longrich nigeria compensation plan

Longrich Compensation Plan is one of the best business compensation plans you will find anywhere in the world as far as the direct selling sector is concerned.

Longrich marketing plan operates on the powerful Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) strategy of multiple level of compensation for its members. Through this compensation structure, the sales force is compensated for both the sales they personally generated as well as those that are generated by other people (“downlines”) they recruited into the business.

The Longrich compensation plan is based on a 3 by 3 matrix system. The strategy is that you reproduce yourself by introducing and recruiting minimum of 2 and maximum of 3 distributors into the business to start earning on weekly basis between 8% – 12% depending on the membership entry level.

Longrich Compensation Plan

There are two broad ways that Longrich compensate us when we become distributors and partner with them. These are as follows:

  1. Cash Bonuses and
  2. Point Value Incentives
1. Cash Bonuses

i) Referral Bonus

ii) Performance Bonus

iii) Development Bonus

iv) Leadership Bonus

v) Maintenance / Retail Bonus





2. Point Value Incentives

i) VIP Incentive

ii) Worldwide Incentive (2.5% Monthly Global Sales)

a) 1% Travel – D4 and Above

b) 1% Car – D6 and Above

c) 0.5% House – D7 and Above

iii) Star Director Incentive (1% Monthly Global Sales)

SD5 – 0.05%     SD4 – 0.10%    SD3 – 0.20%        SD2 – 0.30%     SD1 – 0.35%.

From the above, you will observe that Longrich pays advanced powerful compensation of 5 different cash bonuses, namely – referral bonus, performance bonus, development bonus, leadership bonus and maintenance bonus to her distributors worldwide.

And we also have 3 different types of point value incentives, namely – VIP Incentive, Worldwide Incentive and Star Director Incentive.

1. Cash Bonuses

Let us now look at the Longrich cash bonuses one by one in greater detail.

Referral Bonus

Mini Combo: N14,900 (referral bonus of N10,000)
Minimum of silver package needed

(Note: You add the Mini Combo to your Silver Package)

Starter Combo: N10,050 (referral bonus of N2,700)
1st Gen: N2,700; 2nd Gen: N700; 3rd Gen: N1,400

Fast Rich Pack: N41,000 and N82,000 (referral bonus of N8,000 and N16,000 respectively)
(Note: Someone who joins with Starter Combo can bring someone with Fast Rich Pack and get paid 8,000 or 16,000 as the case may be.)

See the image below for more explanation on this.

longrich nigeria compensation plan longrich nigeria compensation plan

Performance Bonus (8% – 12% Weekly)

The Performance Bonus is one of the mainstream bonuses that is paid to everyone in Longrich based on entry level and according to team activities every week.

The key features of this bonus are as follows:

  • It is paid weekly
  • Paid on minimum of 2 legs
  • Paid on your performance tree
  • Paid on all upgrade orders
  • The strong leg is called the reference/sharing leg.
  • This is where all incentives and bonuses are taken from.
  • The weak leg(s) is called the bonus legs.
  • Below is the breakdown of the various membership entry levels and their corresponding performance bonuses in the Longrich compensation plan.
Membership Entry Levels Point Values Ranking Registration Fees Percentage
1 Platinum VIP 1680 PV Diamond 2 NGN 700,000.00 12% + 1% Global Sales Sharring
2 Platinum 720 PV Diamond 1 NGN 300,000.00 12%
3 Gold 240 PV Pre-Diamond NGN 100,000.00 10%
4 Silver 120 PV Pre-Diamond NGN 50,000.00 8%
5 Q-Silver 60 PV Pre-Diamond NGN 25,000.00

See how the Performance Bonus is calculated below.

longrich performance bonus calculation

Take note that you can earn Performance Bonus till infinity subject to a limit of $22,500 per week.

Development Bonus (10% Weekly)

The Development Bonus is another major mainstream bonus that is paid to everyone in Longrich at a flat rate of 10% irrespective of rank and entry level. But how much a distributor gets is determined by his/her team activities every week.

The key features of the development bonus are as follows:

  • It is paid weekly
  • Paid on minimum of 2 legs
  • Paid based on your placement tree
  • Paid on upgrade order of 60PVs and above
  • Unlimited Layers
  • Unlimited Payout

Development bonus are for growing your team beyond 1st generation (performance level). The PV’s under A are summed as one leg, same for B and C.

You will be paid 10% flat weekly on 2 legs with highest PV’s per generation on the bonus legs.

NOTE: 1 unit (PV) 6USD = N1,200, R60 SA, K3000 (Malawi, Zambia = K60) etc

For other countries, please check what 1 unit is equal to in your country when it comes to bonuses.

Since the world trades in US Dollars, Longrich rates are fixed to the 1 US dollar.

longrich development bonus calculation

If you have a perfect structure, you will earn a lot of development bonus.

By perfect structure, I mean you bring 3 people, the 3 people bring their 3 and so on (i.e. 3, 9, 27, 81, 243, etc). And as your team upgrades from one entry level to another, you get paid development bonus on those upgrades.

longrich nigeria compensation plan

That is why it is important for you to allow your initial legs to sponsor downwards even if you were the one who referred those new members so that you will not lose some development bonus.

LEADERSHIP BONUS 10% – 45% weekly

Leadership bonus is another mainstream bonus in Longrich which entitles you to receive 10% – 45% of your downlines performance bonuses up to 12 generations, based on sponsor tree and ranking.

The key features of the development bonus are as follows:

  • It is paid weekly
  • Payable to leaders from 1Diamond level
  • Paid based on your sponsor tree and ranking
  • Earn up to 12 generations
  • Unlimited and high payout
  • Never demote ranking

Take note that as you move up the Rank, your Leadership Bonus increases.


From D3 and above you must do your 30pv (about N12,000) Retail/Repeat order per cycle to earn your leadership bonus, VIP/ Worldwide (travel/car/house) and Star Director incentives. You can use money from your back office to make this order or through physical cash. This doesn’t stop other bonuses.

See the table below for the Leadership Bonus growth progression.

Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 TOTAL MINIMUM PV Organizational Requirements Weekly New Group PV
5 SD 10% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 1% 1% 1% 1% 1% 45% 60000000 3 SD3, on 2 legs 20,000pv
4 SD 10% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 1% 1% 1% 1% 44% 20000000 3 SD2, on 2 legs 10,000pv
3 SD 10% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 1% 1% 1% 43% 9000000 3 SD1, on 3 legs 5000pv
2 SD 10% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 1% 1% 42% 3720000 3 D7, on 3 legs 2250pv
1 SD 10% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 1% 41% 1500000 3 D6, on 3 legs 1250pv
D7 10% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 40% 450000 3 D5, on 3 legs 750pv
D6 10% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 35% 225000 2 D5, on 2 legs 250pv
D5 10% 5% 5% 5% 5% 30% 75000 2 D4, on 2 legs N/A
D4 10% 5% 5% 5% 25% 15000 2 D3, on 2 legs N/A
D3 10% 5% 5% 20% 3600 2 D2, on 2 legs N/A
D2 10% 5% 15% 1680 N/A N/A
D1 10% 10% 720 N/A N/A

From the table above, you will be paid 10% from the performance bonus of the first 3 persons you sponsor, 5% from the performance bonus of the next 9 persons in the second generation, 5% of the performance bonus of the 27 persons in your third generation, and so on till the 12th generation.

You see that you can have a lot happening in your team with respect to performance bonus if you have a large team. But if you do not constantly upgrade yourself and you are not moving within ranks as fast as your downlines, you will be losing a lot of money as far as leadership bonus is concerned.

For instance, if you have a Diamond 2 rank member who has a Diamond 5 or even a Star Director under them, they cannot earn leadership bonus beyond the second generation resulting in the forfeiture of a lot of money that could have accrued to them if they were on a higher rank.

That is why Leadership Bonus becomes the biggest bonus in the long run because it does not have limit. You can earn as much as possible with Leadership Bonus.


Like the Performance Bonus and Development Bonus, Repeat/Maintenance Order Bonus is paid weekly. By purchasing a Repeat or Maintenance Order for 30pv and above within every cycle (4 weeks), you earn the following 4 bonuses:

i) 15 Level Matrix Bonus (Placement Tree)

The first bonus which you earn by doing your 30pv retail order is the Retail Bonus. By purchasing a Repeat or Maintenance Order for 30pv and above, you earn 4.5% on 30pv from every qualified account within 15 levels under your placement network (30pv is the equivalent of N10,000 and N12,000 depending on your product selection).

Here are the features of the Retail Bonus below.

  • It is paid up to 15 levels based on your placement tree.
  • It is paid monthly.
  • It is calculated at 30ov x 4.5% = $1.35 = N263.25

There are 2 ways to earn from the Retail Bonus.

See the diagram below.

longrich 30pv retail maintenance bonus

You can see from the diagram that the Retail Bonus can amount to a lot of money for people with large teams. Just imagine someone having 10,000 people in his team, he can easily earn over N2m from just the Retail Bonus alone.

That is why it is important to develop the culture of doing the 30pv repeat or maintenance order every month among your team members.

You can easily generate 30pv from your daily consumables like bathing soap, body cream, shampoo, toothpaste and others if you change your brand to Longrich products.

ii) Breakaway Bonus (Sponsor Tree)

You can earn from 21% up to 45% on all performance above 30PV from every account under your sponsor tree in addition to your own account. See the breakdown of the Breakaway Bonus in the image below.

longrich retail order breakaway bonus calculation

This is for those who have supermarkets or pharmacy – that is, those who sell Longrich products in bulk. You will not only earn Breakaway Bonus from your personal purchases alone, you will also earn the bonus from the people you sponsor too.

Let’s say you have a  supermarket where you buy and sell Longrich products. 3 of the people you sponsored also do too.

In a certain month, the 4 of you made Retail or Repeat Order as follows:

YOU – 530pv

A – 1,030pv; B – 1,030pv; D – 1,030pv

The company will take out 30pv each from the purchases to maintain your account and those of your downlines. And pay a Breakaway Bonus of 37% on the extra 1000pv for each of your 3 distributors.

And you who sponsored the 3 of them will be paid 33% for your extra 500pv. See the image above for clarification.

2. Point Value Incentives

Here is a summary of the various point value incentives that are available in Longrich below.

longrich point value incentives

longrich point value incentives

You can join Longrich as a VIP member with about N700,000 and begin earning the 1% VIP Incentive.

However, you can also join with the basic entry level of Q-Silver or even a Starter Combo and gradually grow your points until it gets to 1680 and you automatically become a VIP member of Longrich.

You can see the enormous amount of point value incentives that are loaded in Longrich from Diamond 4 rank upwards.

As a VIP member with a Diamond 4 rank, you get another 1% Travel Incentive.

As a VIP member with a Diamond 6 rank, you get another 1% Car Incentive.

And as a VIP member with a Diamond 7 rank, you get another 0.5% House Incentive.

But all these point value incentives are all hinged on your monthly 30pv maintenance (retail/repeat order). That is why it is very important not to joke with your monthly 30pv maintenance when you get to Diamond 4.

Star Director Global Incentives

Here are the powerful features of the Star Director Global Incentives below:

  • 1% of global profits is awarded for this incentive
  • It is paid weekly
  • Incentives for Star Directors are rewarded in the quarterly meeting, and paid out in cash

See the image below for a breakdown of this incentive.

longrich star director incentives

What this means is that the company takes out the corresponding percentage and shares it among all Star Directors on that level (rank).

For instance, Longrich takes out 0.30% from its monthly global sales and shares it among all 2 Star Directors across the globe. Consequently, the lesser number of Star Directors in a particular rank the more money the Star Directors on that rank makes.

Right now we have only one person occupying the position of 5 Star Director in Nigeria today. Therefore, she is enjoying the 0.05% 5 Star Director Incentive alone.

That is beyond awesome!

That is the size of the wonderful Longrich Compensation Plan in Nigeria.

Longrich Compensation Plan – How You Benefit

As you have seen, the various Longrich Nigeria bonuses and incentives offer immense benefits and profitability indeed. 

Additionally, it eliminates the weaknesses and drawbacks of traditional network system. It also serve as motivation for Longrich distributors to work harder and smarter towards achieving financial freedom as quickly as possible.

The beauty of the Longrich network marketing business is that you are not just working for yourself as it is with other organisations. The bonuses and incentives you earn can be transferred to your descendants as an inheritance and they should also be registered as Longrich distributors.


Bonuses and Incentives are only the beginning of your business in Longrich, you can achieve the status you set to accomplish. Longrich will provide all the resources needed and partner with you to support you on your way to resounding success.

Millions of people across the globe (Nigerians inclusive) are already achieving their dreams through the Longrich Compensation Plan. You too can achieve your dream and life goals by registering to join Longrich without delay. 

Therefore, if you are yet to become a member and distributor of Longrich, you are missing a great deal. This is the time to join now and begin building a lasting legacy and generational wealth for your own children.


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