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If you have been thinking of joining Longrich and not quite sure whether it is a scam or a worthwhile investment, then this post is for you.

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Charles Tambou’s Longrich Story

Like many persons who lost a fortune to MMM, Charles Tambou lost over N15m to the global scam outfit, money which belonged to other people. Due to the trouble chasing him, he became involved in a ghastly motor accident that almost took his life and wrecked his car beyond recognition and repair!

longrichAfter the accident, series of many more life disturbing experiences happened, huge debts, his kids were out of school for weeks, and he worked without a car for a full year. However, all of these unfortunate incidents did not kill his dreams of giving his family a better life and future.

Eventually he reached out to one of my Longrich partners via a whatsapp message the summer of 2018 while her family holidayed in Johannesburg, South Africa.

She says: “I still vividly recall his exact words ‘Hello madam. My name is Charles Tambou. Lolo Nneka Enwelu gave me your number. I want to do Longrich’. He was straight and direct!”

Charles had been in the Network Marketing industry for over a decade with no much tangible results to show for it. But when he wanted to venture into Longrich, his previous business partners discouraged him from joining Longrich. He however persisted, did some research online and decided it was the business for him.

Long story short, he achieved instant success and attained the prestigious Diamond 7 rank for himself and produced two (2) N6Million and N3.5Million car qualifiers in his team in JUST SEVEN SHORT MONTHS.

As a result of this landmark achievement, he subsequently qualified for N6Million car fund and an all-expenses paid trip to KENYA, TANZANIA, and DUBAI.

This winning streak continued in the succeeding months and now he has qualified yet again to travel to CHINA and MALAYSIA in October 2019! Now, that is awesomeness!

Here is what Charles has to say about his journey in Longrich so far:

“Since I came on board this business, it has been an amazing stuff for me. It has been awesome. I wish I had been in this business many years ago. But, you know, it is better to start now than later.  I know you’ve seen the products. The products are awesome! I had an accident 3 months ago and it was their product (Arthro Reviver and the Calcium) that helped me.” – Charles Tambou

 8 Cars in 3 Years!

Do you know the lady in the pictures below? Anyways, this publicity-shy lady has just won her 8th “tear rubber” car from Longrich in a space of JUST 3 YEARS.

longrich longrich longrich

longrich longrich longrich

Now, tell me. Which Government job will give you this?

8 “tear rubber” cars in 3 years? “IMPOSSICANT!!!”

Honestly, Longrich is the new International Cake. Come and cut your own pronto!

Become a partner and earn weekly till infinity and enjoy many other benefits too.

Where are our women? Look at this woman very well. Does she have 2 heads on her? If she can do it, why can’t you do it too?

Don’t you want a better life and future for your family? If you do, NOW is the time for you to join us without any delay!

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Little Oluoma’s Car Testimony

To show you that the kids are not left out of the goodies in Longrich, read this testimony below by John Taiwo about his upline’s daughter, Oluoma.

“My name is OLUOMACHUKWU MBADIWE, I am 8 years old. I am a Diamond 6 partner with Longrich International and a recent car awardee. Longrich delivers on her promises, my car is here. Yipeee!!!

longrich longrich

I have enjoyed so many things on the platform: I earn weekly and pay my school fees myself just like my brothers. I have good health and a glowing body thanks to Longrich amazing products. I am thankful to my mother for bringing me on board.

longrichParents let’s create the best of future for our kids. Longrich can help you achieve that.

I am very happy today.”

Mrs. Ahaoma Mbadiwe, the mother of Oluoma, is indeed a wise woman. She not only joined Longrich. She also brought her children on board too. Now, according to little Oluoma, she and her brothers pay their school fees by themselves. Just imagine that! Now, she has won her own personal car too!

Now, I want you to ask yourself: “What financial freedom plan do you have for your kids and yourself?”

You can do what Mrs. Ahaoma did for her children too. You can join Longrich and put 3 of your children (or your spouse and 2 of your children) under you as your primary downlines. Thereafter, every other person who wants to join your team, you will simply put them under your 3 family members.

That way, you will have set up your family for life and leave a legacy for them even while you are still alive. What better way to show appreciation and love for your family than that!

African Women Leaders 2 Star Director

Her name is Barr Azuka Obiageli Azinge. She is CAC, Registrar general who signs all CAC certificate in Nigeria. Check it if you have yours. She is now a 2 Star Director of Longrich. She is an epitome of beauty, brain and has a good heart.

longrichThere are people who are busy everyday of their lives, but knowing that one day, you will be less busy and also not strong enough to hustle. They identify genuine ways of planning for their future and swing into action instantly and without any immediately.

Still in Government and already enjoying residual income from a business that allows leveraging and team work.

Her husband and children are already Diamond 7, one level short of becoming 1Star Director.

Is she hungry? No!

Is she poor? No!

Is she busy? Yes!

Is She dull? No!

Is she jobless? No!

Then why did she join Longrich?

Why did she work it?

When did she work?

Why did she stoop so low?

See all these questions were drawn from excuses I have been given by both the wealthy and the not wealthy.

Please tell me: Who in Nigeria is a proud Pensioner today? Your guess is as good mine. NONE!

All you civil servants, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Join the moving train

Join Longrich International TODAY!

See Who is Going to China!

See who is also enjoying an all-expenses paid trip to China!

longrichDo you know her?

Her name is Mildred Nwamaka Okowa. Oh yes! She is the daughter of a sitting governor in Delta state (His Excellency, Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa).

Now, if the daughter of a governor can invest in Longrich and build a team of her own, then I suggest you take a second look at Longrich business without delay!

Undoubtedly, it is a smart move to partner with Longrich Bioscience International!

I am sure you are convinced beyond any reasonable doubt why you should partner with Longrich today. By partnering with Longrich, you will be able to use Longrich as a vehicle to secure a better life and future for your family today.

Act smart. Be a wise consumer. Get paid for using these Longrich products!!!

how to become a longrich stockist in nigeria



➡Antiperspirant Dew

➡Mosquito repellant spray



➡Body cream

➡Bamboo Soap


➡Body wash


➡Sanitary napkins (mix)

➡pantyliners (also for women)

➡Sanitary napkins (Heavy flow)


➡green(Xinchang) tea

➡Slimming tea

➡Blood fat reducing (Tianjiang) tea


➡Arthro Super Reviver

➡Libao (male fertility)

➡Mengqian (female fertility)

➡Berry oil



➡Health wine

➡Cordycep coffee


➡Nutriv blue


➡Alkaline cup

➡Energy Pot (24cm)

➡Energy Pot (28cm)

➡Energy shoes

If you would like to partner with Longrich or you want to register your family, please Whatsapp me via

Click HERE for information on how to Join Longrich Global Achievers Team.

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