The 3 Easiest Ways to Make Money Online

easiest ways to make money online in nigeria
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In this post, I am going to show you the 3 easiest ways to make money online in Nigeria.

Before continuing, let me make something abundantly clear.

When I say “easiest” as seen in the subject line, I do not mean easy; that is, you just sit back without doing anything and money will simply fall into your laps. Honestly, nothing which involves making money is ever easy. The world’s billionaires will confirm that to you.

For your information, manna from heaven has since stopped falling thousands of years ago. 

Therefore, I am only using the word “easy” as a way of comparison to other ways of making money online in Nigeria.

So, with that being said, let’s get started.

Easiest Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria

Last year, one of my old friends came to me because he was looking for a way to make more money in addition to the income from his teaching job.

He came to me because he read one of my books titled: “Where the REAL MONEY is and How to Get It!“. See the image of the book below.

how to make money online in nigeria

You can request for a copy of this awesome book here.

So, based on what I know, I told him that the 3 easiest ways for a Nigerian to start making money online as quickly as possible are as follows:

(1) Online Freelancing (aka doing online jobs)

(2) Affiliate Marketing

(3) Network Marketing

Let us look at each of them in detail.

Make Money Online from Freelancing

Online freelancing is one of the 3 easiest ways to make money online in Nigeria. Let me tell why:

If you are a broke person or someone with very little money to spare, the way to go to start earning some money as quickly as possible is by doing online jobs.

This is also known as online freelancing or freelance marketing.

Basically, what you are doing with freelance marketing is to help businesses and individuals do some online jobs like writing articles, transcribing, doing graphic design, etc, and getting paid.

According to Mr Toyin Omotoso, the creator of the 72 Hour Income Program,

“a broke person can start making $250, $400 etc a month very fast with freelance marketing. $250 now is about N100,000 and all they need is a computer and internet connection.”

Online freelancing is highly recommended for students, NYSC members and people who don’t have a lot of startup capital. 

I know it works because I can confidently point to at least 100 people who started this way and are now big boys. One of them is this ex-factory worker who now makes at least $1000 monthly part time as an online freelancer.

Downside of Online Freelancing

Here are the downside of online freelancing:

1. Highly Competitive: Online freelancing is a bit competitive because anyone can join. But you can get an advantage if you learn from experienced online freelancers in the business.

2. Selling Your Time for Money: The thing about online freelancing though is that your time is directly involved. This means you only get paid when you do jobs. Hence, no jobs means no money.

3. Earning Ceiling: Another downside of online freelancing is that it has a ceiling on how much you can earn. It is very difficult to find online freelancers making more than $1500 a month.

Want to learn more about online freelancing? If so, click HERE to learn more about how you can get started right away.

Make Money from Affiliate Marketing

Another one of the easiest ways to make money online in Nigeria is affiliate marketing. Unlike online freelancing, affiliate marketing is BIG and it is more of a business than freelancing, which is about jobs.

What is affiliate marketing?

Simply defined, affiliate marketing is the selling of other people’s products and services for a percentage commission of the sales.

So, each time someone buys a product that you recommend, you get paid a commission as an affiliate marketer.

With affiliate marketing you can have a well setup system in place and make far more money than online freelancing. Though you will still have to work but you can make money while you sleep unlike it is with online freelancing.

You don’t really have to look far to see affiliates making $5,000 a month.

And there are super affiliate marketers making as much as $2m a year online.

You can literally become an affiliate for a HOST of things – digital products, physical products, offline services, personalized solutions, software, etc.

I prefer digital products though.

The main skills required to become successful with affiliate marketing are traffic generation and marketing the products.

It also requires some startup capital if you want to take it seriously which is what I expect of you.

With affiliate marketing, you will need funds for things like:

– Domain ($10 a year)
– Hosting ($60 a year) – can be paid monthly
– Autoresponder (From $19 a month)
– Tracker (optional)
– Traffic (Depends)

The cost of domain, hosting and autoresponder can be lower or higher though depending on where you are buying from and the quantity.

For traffic, how much you will spend depends on how big you want to go.

The reason why affiliate marketing comes ahead of models like information marketing or ecommerce is that with affiliate marketing, you don’t have to do anything about the product sourcing, creation or handling.

That is like 50% of your work done for you.

You only have to focus on marketing the products and getting your commissions.

By the way, if you are just starting, you can make use of certain free traffic strategies to get rolling.

You can effectively promote your affiliate links and get start making money via:

– Whatsapp Chats, Broadcasts & Groups
– Facebook groups
– Twitter
– Instagram

Eventually, most people who start with online freelancing move on to other business models like affiliate marketing where they are able to make more money and have a lot of free time for their family.

Downside of Affiliate Marketing

Here are the downside of affiliate marketing:

1. It Takes Time to Start Seeing Results: Like it is with many online and offline businesses, it takes time to start seeing results and begin making money with affiliate marketing. Consequently, if you are hard-pressed and need to make money fast, affiliate marketing is not for you.

2. You Need to Learn the Trade: As a beginner in affiliate marketing, you need to learn the nitty gritty about the business in order to master the art and become successful. However, if you serious and determined to succeed, you can easily overcome this downside.

3. You Need Paid Traffic to Make Money: Many successful affiliate marketers who make a lot of money from affiliate marketing depend completely on Facebook adverts for their traffic. This means that if Facebook comes up with some harsh advertisement policy, it will have a direct impact on how much you will make from the business.

4. No Residual Income: Another downside of affiliate marketing is that it has no residual capacity even though you can use it to earn passive income. In other words, you cannot buy the same product over and over again. 

To expatiate further, if you have purchased  the 72 Hour Income Program  through my affiliate link, you will not come and buy it again no matter how frequently it is updated. You will see it as the same product and you will not want to buy it again.

But, a product such as toothpaste or bathing soap which people use every day has residual capacity. If you buy it using my referral code in network marketing for instance, you will continue to buy it again and again and again – thereby making more money for me.

Want to learn more about affiliate marketing? If so, click HERE to read more about how you can get started right away.

Make Money from Network Marketing

Finally, we come to my all-time favourite way to make money online in Nigeria and that is network marketing.

What is network marketing?

Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, defines network marketing as follows:

Multi-level marketing (MLM), also called network marketing, referral marketing, and pyramid selling, is a marketing strategy for the sale of products or services where the revenue of the MLM company is derived from a non-salaried workforce selling the company’s products/services, while the earnings of the participants are derived from a pyramid-shaped or binary compensation commission system.

Deficiencies in Some Network Marketing Companies

As good as the network marketing business model is, some network marketing companies have deficiencies as follows:

1. Inferior or Sub-standard Products: Some network marketing companies put inferior or sub-standard products into the market. This invariably discourage both end-users of these products as well as those who hitherto would have joined the business.

2. No Residual Capacity: Many of the products that are offered by some of the network marketing companies have no residual capacity. What this means is that the products are such that many people have no need of them thereby excluding a larger portion of their target market. This therefore hinders the growth of members of such network marketing companies.

3. Only the Top People Benefit: Many network marketing companies are structured in such a way to favour only those at the top. Consequently, only those who joined early get all the benefits and make all the money in the business, thereby creating a situation of “monkey work, bamboo chop”.

4. Compulsory Monthly Purchase or Autoship (Target): Many network marketing companies flush whatever points are accumulated by their members at the beginning of every month and force them to start all over. This is known as Autoship and it serves as a morale killer and huge discouragement to hardworking members who soon run out of steam as a result of too more pressure.

Here is what a network marketing company known as Max International posted on their Facebook Page regarding their Autoship below.

“Autoship is the backbone of your Max Business. *Autoship means you buy a minimum of 100CV worth of products monthly*.  Without Autoship you don’t have a Max Business and cannot earn commissions. 

100CV is equal to:
42,000 for 6 bottles Cellgevity OR 43,000 for 4 bottles of Cellgevity & 1 ATP or N-Fuze

*Autoship should be done in the 1st week of every month* ideally, to help you and your team be most successful.

When you have 100PV (Personal Volume) monthly, you are eligible to earn all Commissions when you build a team of Associates or sign up Preferred Customers.”

5. No Development Plan for Their Members: Many network marketing companies use their network marketers to make all the money without putting in place any development plan for their members. There is no provision for any training program for their members or next of kin.

6. Restriction on Membership: Some network marketing companies do not allow the creation of multiple accounts. Similarly, there is also restriction as to who can become a member as well as who can aspire to become a Director of their Board.

7. No Research & Development Factory: Many network marketing companies do not have their own manufacturing factory. Rather, their products are manufactured for them by other companies.

A Network Marketing Company With A Difference

In the midst of all these mediocrity, there is a network marketing company which stands out among all the network marketing companies in Nigeria. And that marketing company is:

Longrich Bioscience International

Take a moment to watch the video below to understand just how profitable the Longrich business opportunity truly is.

Check out the points below and decide for yourself whether Longrich Bioscience International deserves the award of the best network marketing company in Nigeria or not.

1. Top Quality Products with Residual Capacity: Longrich Bioscience International has world-class NAFDAC-approved top quality products which solve people’s problems. They also have products which have residual capacity – that is, products which people need and use every day – like toothpaste, bathing soap, body cream and other daily consumables.

2. These is Reward for Hardwork: You do not work for your upline in Longrich. As a matter of fact, you can actually overtake a slow and lazy upline in Longrich. In Longrich, you need a minimum of 3 members to start earning and growing from one rank to another. However, a lazy upline may never have the 3 primary members complete.

Additionally, upgrading to the highest entry level of VIP determines your earning potential in Longrich. If an upline who joins with a lesser entry level refuse to upgrade to VIP will be overtaken by an active downline who is busy growing his team and upgrading gradually until he reaches VIP.

3. No Compulsory Monthly Purchase or Autoship (Target): There is no compulsory monthly purchase, target or Autoship in Longrich. This makes it easy to grow faster in Longrich.

4. Development Plan for Members: Longrich pays all its members 10% development bonus irrespective of entry level. Additionally, Longrich also awards its members with trip incentive. Similarly, the Star Directors of Longrich also has the wonderful opportunity of qualifying for an Executive MBA scholarship at Regis University, USA and a degree program at Soochow University in China for their next of kin.

5. Research & Development Factories: What makes Longrich even more outstanding is the fact that they have 8 research and development factories in USA, China, Japan, France and other countries of the world. And the 9th research and development factory has been completed at Lekki Free Trade Zone, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos state, Nigeria.

Check out some points which makes partnering with Longrich Bioscience International the best investment decision you will make this year.

1. Wealth creation via Team leverage
2. No time frame (No Pressure)
3. No compulsory monthly purchases (Target)
4. Weekly bonus payment {Green Thursday}
5. Grow at your own pace
6. No Flushing of points. Unlimited accumulation of bonus points
7. Leadership easily achieved.
8. All Expense paid yearly trips abroad
9. Car awards yearly
10. 25million naira House Award
11. Become a director in our multinational company
12. Total Well being
13. Can be willed to your next generation

Watch the short 4min video below for an overview of the wonderful Longrich business compensation in Nigeria.

Downside of Network Marketing

It Takes Time and Effort to Start Seeing Results: Network marketing business is not a get-rich-quick or Ponzi scheme. You do not simply put money into it, go to sleep and wake up laughing to the bank.

Like it is with many online and offline businesses, it takes time to start seeing results and begin making money with affiliate marketing. If you are hard-pressed and need money fast for any of your immediate expenses, network marketing is not for you.

However, if you are patient and willing to put in the work involved to create a successful network marketing career, then you should join Longrich Bioscience International without delay.

Here is what Mrs. Titilope Olubisi Ejimagwa, FSD (5 Star Director of Longrich), No. 1 in Africa and No. 2 in the world, has to say about this below:

“Some people are quiet and are making mega income from the business, some make $8m a month and in Longrich, some make up to N100M EVERY WEEK. And I don’t know any kind of business that can yield such an amount. So people can make good money especially if you work with the right ones because there are some of them that are not yielding much income for its customers. In such a platform, there are pyramids and only the topmost people that joined first make the money.  However, when you join the right one like Longrich, what matters is your speed and not just when you joined.”

If you would love to join Longrich Bioscience International, click HERE to send me a Whatsapp message or give me a call right away.

There you have it.

Those are the 3 easiest ways to make money online in Nigeria.

So, which will it be?

Online freelancing?

Affiliate marketing?

Or network marketing?

Whatever you decide to do, please and please, DO NOT continue to procrastinate and do not.

Choose from the 3 easiest ways to make money online in Nigeria detailed above and ensure you start something immediately.

If not, you will find yourself searching through Google all over again for the easiest ways to make money online in Nigeria this time next year. God forbid!

So, TAKE ACTION right away.

You can leave a message below to share your thoughts on this post.


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