The Best Way to Make Money from Importation in Nigeria

make money from importation business in nigeria
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Ecommerce or mini importation business is one major way to make money online in Nigeria. But, in case you are just hearing about the mini importation business, it can be defined as follows:

The Mini Importation Business is a process of importing various top quality products from the internet in small quantities and have them delivered straight to your doorsteps right here in Nigeria.

From the definition above, three things stand out as characteristics of the mini importation business in Nigeria and they as follows:

  • The mini importation business is done on the internet.
  • The mini importation business is done in small quantities
  • The mini importation business is devoid bottlenecks which characterizes traditional form of importation

Another characteristic that is implied from the above definition is that you need very little capital to engage in the mini importation business in Nigeria. Other characteristics of the mini importation business are as follows:

  • Import licence is not needed
  • Connection in high places is not necessary
  • Office space is not needed
  • Office employees are not needed
  • Warehouse space is not needed
  • Generator is not needed to run the business
  • Running cost of the business is next to zero

And the fact that you can do this importation business with very little capital, without any import licence or connection whatsoever is why it is called “mini importation business”.

From the characteristics of the mini importation business outlined above, you can see that it is the perfect online business for ordinary every day Nigerians – who may already be engaged in other small scale businesses – to engage in. Hence, with just N10,000 or even less and effective advertising and business promotions, you can start a profitable importation business in Nigeria.

what is ecommerce

Ecommerce is a term which is used interchangeably with importation business in Nigeria. But, is ecommerce the same thing as mini importation business? Well, some online resource have defined ecommerce as follows:

Wikipedia defines ecommerce this way:

E-commerce is the activity of buying or selling of products on online services or over the Internet. Electronic commerce draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems.

On its part, Shopify defines ecommerce as follows:

Ecommerce, also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions. Ecommerce is often used to refer to the sale of physical products online, but it can also describe any kind of commercial transaction that is facilitated through the internet.

In other words, ecommerce is the umbrella name for all transactions in terms of buying and selling of products and even services that are done on the internet. Thus, the mini importation business is a segment of ecommerce. However, it is the trend to use the two terms interchangeably and that is the practice that will be adhered to in this write-up.

Why Many People Fail with Mini Importation

why people fail with ecommerce business in nigeria

The ecommerce or mini importation business is not a new business in Nigeria. It is a business which has been around in the country for close to a decade now. Yet, it remains a goldmine only for a few individuals.

So, why is it that many people fail at the ecommerce / mini importation business in Nigeria? Well, some of the reasons why most people fail with the ecommerce or mini importation business in Nigeria are as follows:

  1. Lack of the right information about the business
  2. Lack of finance or capital to get started
  3. Failure to do market research
  4. Importing products nobody wants
  5. Lack of understanding of how to get the right customers

The above are just some of the reasons why many people fail with ecommerce or mini importation business in Nigeria.


The Best Way to Make Money from Importation

how to import goods from china to nigeriahow to import goods from china

Since many people fail with the importation business in Nigeria, what is the best approach or way to make money and succeed with importation business in Nigeria?

The best way to make money from importation business in Nigeria is to import the solution to people’s problems. Do that and you will never ever be broke again for life! As a matter of fact, many people will even trace you to your house!

From experience I have discovered that if you specialize in selling the solution to people’s problems, you will earn a 6 to 7 figure income and become a millionaire within a very short time without fail!

Indeed, the easiest products to sell very quickly on the market are products which provide the solution to people’s problems

For instance, a sick man needs solution to his ailment. So, if you step in and provide the solution to the sickness, you will make money in return.

Similarly, someone who is very hungry needs food to satisfy his or her hunger. If you also step in and provide the much-needed food for him or her at a price, you will get paid an equivalent amount in return.

But, that is not even half of what you would have gained from the experience. The best part is that you would have succeeded in getting a customer for life too!

Therefore, succeed in providing an effective solution to people’s problems and you are made for life!

As a matter of fact, the only real and legitimate way to earn unlimited cash from the importation business every day of the year without any negative repercussions is to sell something which provides the solution to people’s problems!

All you need is the right products which provides the solution to the problems of plenty of people at the same time and you are made for life!

importation business in nigeria

So, which products should you concentrate on selling when deciding what to import in your mini importation business?

Example One: Solution to Childlessness and Infertility – Many couples who have been married for several years without a child are worried sick about the solution to their childlessness.

Here is where you come in and cash in on the situation. Research products which solve fertility problems and sell it to interested couples and you get paid in return for the products.

profitable importation business in nigeria

Believe me. 9 out of 10 couples will beg you to collect their money for products which can effectively increase their chances of getting a child quickly.

Example Two: Solution to Belly Fat – Belly fat is another common problem for many people both men and women. This problem arises largely due to unhealthy eating and drinking habits, as well as and the end results of child bearing in women.

mini importation business in nigeria 2018

Here is where you come in and make money for yourself. Research products which burn belly fat faster and sell it to these people and they would hurriedly buy them from you while you end up smiling to the bank daily.

Example Three: Solution to Stretch Marks – Many young women are disturbed by the prevalence of stretch marks all over their body resulting from excess fat. Many of these women would pay a great deal to get the solution to this problem.

profitable importation business in nigeria

Here is where you also come in and cash in on the situation. Research products which provide the solution to stretch marks, sell it to them and make money for yourself.

Example Four: Solution to Acne and Face Pimples – Many young girls are battling with pimples or acne on their face every day. This is another smoking hot area for you to cash in on and smile to the bank very fast.

mini importation business guide pdf

All you need to do is conduct a simple 5 minutes research on products which solve pimple and acne problems and sell it to them.

Example Five: Solution to the Menace of Mosquitoes – The health hazard that mosquitoes cause is a great worry for many folks in Nigeria. A lot of persons would surely welcome any product which effectively provides a lasting solution to the menace of mosquitoes in their environment.

how to import goods from china to nigeria

Research and provide them with products which effectively address this problem and watch them beg you to collect their money for these products.

Example Six: Solution to Car Theft – A friend of mine lost his car costing over two million naira (N2m) to car thieves in the night where he parked it at his house. He reported the theft at the police station closest to his house, but the car was never found. I sympathised with him and pointed out to him that he would not have lost his car to thieves if only he had a car tracking device installed in the car.

mini importation secrets

So, when he bought a new car some months later and I went to visit him with a car tracking device, he practically dragged it from my hands and paid for it instantly without any fuss. Ha! Ha!! Ha!!! Talk about “once bitten twice shy” indeed!

Other car owners are equally worried sick about the loss of their cars to thieves. You too can cash in on the situation too by doing a simple research online for effective car tracking devices. When you are through with the research, advertise the product online and watch in amazement as various car owners request for it to buy and install on their cars.

Example Seven: Baby Monitor Device – Many concerned mothers are anxious about the well-being of their children and would love a device which provides them with the ability to monitor them all the time.

mini importation secrets

You may find it hard to believe, but if you can research and come up with baby monitor devices, you will definitely be making at least N100k a month with the sale of this device alone.

Example Eight: Looking Good is Good Business – Many young girls and women are fashion crazy and obsessed with their looks. They spend a lot on their hair, shoes, clothes, bags, makeups, wristwatches and so on.

free mini importation ebook

All you need do to earn 6 to 7 figures a month from the sale of fashion related products is simply to visit the secret websites where you can get top quality fashion products at the cheapest prices possible and sell them to these fashion crazy girls.

Example Nine: Solution to Small Penis and Premature Ejaculation – Many men have small penis and suffer from premature ejaculation too. Over 70% of young and mature men below the age of 50 would do anything to get products that can enlarge their male organs and also enhance their sexual performance as well.

Honestly, you can earn a 6 to 7 figure income from the sale of this product alone. A simple 5 to 10 minutes research is all you need to come up with products that can solve this problem and which many young men would practically beg you to buy from you.

mini importation business nairaland

Many of the female folks too would equally be interested in any product that could enlarge their breasts and make it to stand like a teenager’s own. Come up with products which addresses this problem and watch the women snap them up like hot cookies from the fire!

Example Ten: Solution to Stinking Breath – Many young people also suffer from stinking breath and would love to buy any product which can permanently address this problem.

genuine importation websites

To cash in on this situation, research products which provide solution to stinking breath and you would succeed in laughing to the bank daily!

Believe me. Many of the products which provide the solution to the above problems as well as many others which people battle with daily will cost you as low as N1k to get these products from the little-known secret website and which you can sell for as high as N7k and even more  to earn over N300k every month!

Eager to learn more and profit without delay?

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