Warning! KomeItoje.com and KomeBiz.com Stolen!

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Have you visited komebiz.com and komeitoje.com recently and wonder what the f*ck is going on?

If so, be warned that komebiz.com and komeitoje.com have been hijacked and stolen by domain thieves!

In case you did not know it, komebiz.com and komeitoje.com are the intellectual properties of Kome Itoje and Komebiz International (duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria).

However, the 2 domains have been stolen since June 2021.

What this means is that Kome Itoje, the owner of Komebiz International and operator of komebiz.com and komeitoje.com no longer have control of those 2 domains.

If you visit komeitoje.com, you will be redirected by your browser to komebiz.com.

When you look up at your address area of your browser, you will notice the web address


A quick check at the owners of this domain at whois.com revealed the following information.


Registrar:Name.com, Inc.

Registered On:2020-07-28

Expires On:2021-07-28

Updated On:2020-07-28


Name Servers:ns-110.awsdns-13.com

Registrant Contact

Name:Whois Agent

Organization:Domain Protection Services, Inc.

Street:PO Box 1769



Postal Code:80201





What is their motive?

Usually, the motive of domain thieves is to resell those top level premium domains at a very high price to the original owner(s) of the stolen domains.

Just imagine buying the 2 domains for $1,000 when you can easily get a new domain for $10 or less on the internet.

However, in the case of komebiz.com and komeitoje.com, they did not just steal the domains, but they have also began using the domains too.

For your information, these are well-established domains that were registered as far back as 2012, some 9 long years ago.

You can visit whois.com to verify this if you are in doubt.

It is obvious that the domain thieves have a sinister motive towards the use of the domains.

At Komebiz International, we have a long-standing reputation of being dependable, reliable and trustworthy.

It is my candid opinion that these domain thieves who stole komebiz.com and komeitoje.com wish to cash in on our good reputation and soil our good name.

You are hereby put on notice that komebiz.com and komeitoje.com have been stolen by unknown domain thieves (UDT) and as such we at Komebiz International or our affiliates and partners are no longer connected to those domains.

For the avoidance of doubt, the present fraudulent owners and operators of komebiz.com and komeitoje.com are not connected to or affiliated to Komebiz International nor are they representatives of Kome Itoje, the original owner of komebiz.com and komeitoje.com.

Consequently, if you transact business with the domain thieves of komebiz.com and komeitoje.com, you do so at your own risk.

Be warned and guided accordingly!